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10 Christmas Presents for Movie Buffs (all under 50 Bucks).

300 is a movie with buff people, Eyes Wide Shut is a movie with people in the buff and someone who says things like “the cinematography brought Rosher to mind but the pre-mortem one-liners were on a Con Air scale” is a movie buff.  And to them I say “Say hello to my little present”.

1. Help them show off their love to all who enter with a quirky poster featuring their favourite film. 

Set of 3 Star Wars art prints; €48.31 (plus €14.49 p&p to Europe), Concepcions Studio.

2. Let them know you think they could do better with a mini zombie movie set and allow them shoot their own with their smartphone. 


 Zombie movie maker; £3.99 (plus p&p), Amazon.

3. A gaggle of Ghostbusters dolls will work wonders when they’re explaining the intricacies of Ghostbusters III. And yes, I’m thinking it too…Ghostbusters Vs Zombies.

Ghostbusters peg dolls; €38.55 (plus €12.81 p&p to Europe), Creative ButterflyXOX

4. You’ve probably already listened to how Saul Bass’s iconic Hitchcock posters changed the blah blah blah… Pretend you were paying attention with these coasters. 


 Hitchcock Coasters; €20.13 (plus €14.90 p&p to Europe), Breakable Designs.

5. At first glance it’s an innocuous looking scarf but a closer look reveals a rather nerdy nod to Griffyndor.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf; £32.99 (plus p&p), Truffle Shuffle.

6. “Can the boy tell time?” “Oh, my lord, no.” Well, at least he’ll know what time it is with this Wes Anderson calendar.

Wes Anderson inspired 2013 calendar; €36.25 (plus €9.67 p&p), suPmon.

7. Jules Winnfield kicked up a bit of a stink to get his one back, so it must be good.

Pulp Fiction bad mo-fo wallet; €14.99 (plus p&p), Truffle Shuffle.

8. Cinema history was made when a single line managed to perfectly encapsulate the awkwardness that overcomes every girl during every moment of the second decade of her life.  “I carried a watermelon”. Perfect. 

Dirty Dancing print; €19.07 (plus €9.95 p&p), Akimbo Design.

9. Show them that you care and that you’re too broke to buy them an actual gift with a frameable card. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas card; €1.96 (plus p&p), Red Bubble. 

  10. I drink your milkshake… and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours. 

There Will Be Blood style Milkshake glass; €10.47 each (plus €13.70 p&p to Europe), Simply Pretty Prints.

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