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10 Christmas present for the nerd in your life. Neeeeeerrrrddd.

Ah, the blessed life of a nerd; all Mark Zuckerberg looks and Big Bang Theory sexcapades. Still, they deserve a Christmas present as much as normal people (a differential a true nerd would be flattered by/point out). Here’s our pick of the nerdiest.










Rockstar scientist print; €104 (plus €22.24 p&p), Megan Lee





Pi clock; €24 (€10.33 p&p), Iluxo. Bulb candle; €9.95, Donkey.  Dino pillowcase; €24 (€5.56 p&p), Choice Cuts.





Cat plate; €13 (€11 p&p), ScribbleMonster. Hot pillow; €11.95, Donkey. Note coasters; €15 (€3.20), Project129.





Salt & pepper bots; €9, Neato Shop. Heisen-mug; €14, Zazzle. 3-D Christmas card;€4, Wit and Whistle.

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