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Off The Hook; 10 Hugely Impractical Phone Cases You’re Going To Want

 Bunny iPhone Case amazing phone casesSo the awkwardly-shaped-bunny-ears-iPhone-cover has got legs. Aside from showing up in the hands of the professional posers at fashion week, the cumbersome adorableness has been pressed against the hallowed cheek of Kate Moss…and a trend was born. The painful irony of adorning our handhelds with bulky whatsits isn’t enough to put us off. If anything, it’s just an excuse to buy a bigger handbag. Here’s our pick of the most lust-worthy phone covers that will never fit in your pocket.

Rabito phone case bunny design   Omniscient Siri iphone case funny
The original bunny iPhone case; €25, Rabito. Omniscient Siri iPhone case; €76, Shape Ways.
Silver knuckle duster iPhone case   Monster fur iPhone case
Knuckle duster iPhone case; €62, Knuckle Case. Monster fur phone case; €28, Ion Factory.
Etch a sketch phone cover fun design   Vintage camera iPhone case design
Etch a sketch iPhone case; €19, Connect Design. Vintage camera phone case; €17, IskyZone.
Feed me pocket phone cover   3d skull iPhone cover design
Feed me pocket phone cover; €16, Connect Design. 3D skull phone cover; €39.95, Hugo Arcier.
Whale hanging phone cover storage    Moschino trench phone cover
Hanging whale phone cover; €18, Connect Design. Moschino trench phone cover; €61, Shopbop.

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