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10 Christmas presents for the asshole in your life

There’s always one. Some critter that’s infiltrated your life and is sticking around like the little blood suckers that they are. You are probably being forced to put up with them for your partner, sister, brother, aunt or cousins sake. So in the spirit of Christmas gift giving, why not let them know what you really think of them. Assholes!


      Horse Head Pillow Case; €9.83, Amazon


Misfortune Cookies; €6.82, Tealco        Santa hates you card; €3.90, Finch & Hare      Asshole T-Shirt; €21.53, cafepress

I spat in this mug; €6.14, Skybot


You Suck Cross Stitch Kit; €13.17, StitchologyNZ        Be Nice (or Else!) Book; €19.84, Amazon         Insult a day memo pad; €12.25, Getting personal


 People I hate address book; €24.98, Space519                     Shit List Sticky Notes; €3.63, Amazon

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