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Shelf Life; 10 Things You Should Turn Into Bookends

Ahh…another long weekend, another book coma. An extra day off inevitably leads to way too much time stuck in a book. Offset the laziness with a little craftiness, perhaps a new set of bookends for madame? Here are ten inanimate objects that can bracket your books in style. Wait…let me just finish this chapter…

1. Spray painted bricks.
Prettified bricks make sense every single time.

Sprayed brick bookends tutorial 2013 diy Tutorial; Camille Styles.

2. Vintage Telephones.
These days we keep our books in our phones, so this feels right.

Vintage telephone bookends DIY 2013 trendsTutorial; A Beautiful Mess.

3. Toy Soldiers.
You get to pull pants down when making this. I knew you were wondering.

Toy soldier bookend tutorial stylish diy Tutorial; What I Made.

4. Animal ornaments.
Old people have a weird habit of gifting younger people ornamental animals. Here’s one of my nicer suggestion for living with them (the ornaments, not the old people).

Lacquered animals bookend tutorial unwanted gifts Tutorial; House Of Earnest.

5. Honey bottles.
Because sometimes even when we do throw them out, they just seem so pathetic looking out from the bin. Stupid cute bears.

Honey bottle bookends DIY upcyle Tutorial; Pretty Providence.

6. Painted Books.
Some books are meant to be kept forever. Some are meant to be glued shut and painted black.

Painted books bookends hack 2013 Tutorial; Design Sponge.

7. Children’s toys.
This is pretty much a freebie because stealing from children is notoriously easy.

Kids toys bookends tutorial hack Tutorial; Say Yes To Hoboken.

8. Wrapped Bricks.
For those of us who’ve sent someone a memo using the old brick-through-window method, this will be a doddle.

Wrapped brick bookend tutorial Tutorial; Seventh House On The Left.

9. Sprayed Stones.
Robert Stone wrote Dog Soldiers and G.I. Joe’s surname was Stone…so this one would be wonderfully nerdy teamed with number 3.

Tutorial; Design Sponge.

10. Dinosaur toys
I seriously need to call into my niece and nephew. With my loot bag.

Dinosaur toy bookend DIY Tutorial; The Weekend Homemaker.

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