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November 2012

Looking Loving

The art of Dishonesty; everyday lies in print

Graphic artist Lauren Hom wants you to tell her lies, tell her sweet little lies. Her new blog, Daily Dishonesty, is an homage to what dirty little liars we all are, especially to ourselves and she’s inviting us to mail her with our best self-deceits so that she can turn them into pretty typographical art prints. As yet, there is no sign of a ‘I’ll only have one Jaffa Cake’, ‘I’m only out for one’, or the official National Lie of Ireland; ‘I’m grand.’


Funny typography print You can purchase a selection of Lauren Hom’s prints here.

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Living Loving

10 Christmas present for the nerd in your life. Neeeeeerrrrddd.

Ah, the blessed life of a nerd; all Mark Zuckerberg looks and Big Bang Theory sexcapades. Still, they deserve a Christmas present as much as normal people (a differential a true nerd would be flattered by/point out). Here’s our pick of the nerdiest.










Rockstar scientist print; €104 (plus €22.24 p&p), Megan Lee





Pi clock; €24 (€10.33 p&p), Iluxo. Bulb candle; €9.95, Donkey.  Dino pillowcase; €24 (€5.56 p&p), Choice Cuts.





Cat plate; €13 (€11 p&p), ScribbleMonster. Hot pillow; €11.95, Donkey. Note coasters; €15 (€3.20), Project129.





Salt & pepper bots; €9, Neato Shop. Heisen-mug; €14, Zazzle. 3-D Christmas card;€4, Wit and Whistle.

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Doing Tasting

How to rim your mug with sprinkles; you know it makes sense.

Tarting up your cup o’ choc may seem like a whole new level of self-indulgence…but that’s exactly why we love it. It’s Wednesday, it’s cold and everyone’s talking about how they got their Christmas shopping done early this year; we deserve a treat (and frankly, we think we deserve a round of applause for managing to put together a post this week that doesn’t feature alcohol). Here’s how to do it.

1. Gather some plain chocolate (selection box remnants are ideal because, you know, who eats Dairy Milk when there’s Fudge to be had?), sprinkles and a mug. 

2. Melt the chocolate (the microwave was invented for this – keep an eye on things though) in a shallow bowl and dip the rim of the mug straight in…or just use a brush to quickly blob it on. 


3. Quickly dip the chocied rim into a shallow bowl filled with sprinkles and press them gently into the chocolate.

4. Fill the cup with drinking chocolate and have a good nibble. I used honey to attach the large edible silver balls. Hehehe, ‘large edible silver balls!’.

Living Tasting

Hip, Hip Flasks; For all round merriment

“Nothing shows class and character quite like a perfectly timed sip from a handsome flask.”  Sumo & Stogies

 The hunt for a Hip flask is fast becoming part of our ‘how to stay warm therefore less grumpy’ master-plan here at style it. They have, don’t you know, been in production since the Victorian period so we figured what’s good enough for a queen… We’ve completed the research, no bottle left un-poured, and have concluded that a Cherry Brandy filled flask, sipped from regularly, encourages acts of bravery and heroism. The ideal frame of mind for flipping the finger at winter and really showing that drizzle who’s boss. Who’s with us?  Hic..

Warning – Possible side effects; Blushing, memory loss, flirting, spontaneous singing, poor visibility, giggling, reckless spending and hunger.


Black Camera Retro Hip Flask; €14.72, tamakod       Silver Diamante Hip Flask; €32.15, Personalised Gift Shop


Lip Flask Lipstick Shaped Hip Flask; €7.89, Mustard     Drinkman Hip Flask; €12.36, Menkind


Pewter Heart Hip Flask; €29.69, Rainbow Sugarcraft      Jerry Can Style Hip Flask; €10.16, Demon Tweeks

Doing Looking

Spy holes; for the peeping Tom in all of us


Choose a peep hole, door viewer or spy hole (my personal favourite) that allows a wide field of vision; you should be able to see someone standing to the side of the door (be afraid) or even crouching below the viewer (be very afraid).

Tools needed

Power Drill                   Drill Bit; 1/2 -inch                   A Martini (shaken, not stirred)

  • Select one that is adjustable to fit any thickness of door
  • Centre the spy hole by measuring the width of the door and halving it. Come up roughly 5 feet from the ground and mark with pencil
  • Have a slug of Martini and marvel at your handy work
  • Drill a hole of the recommended size – usually 12mm – right through the mark on the door at a comfortable eye level
  • Insert the barrel of the viewer into the drilled hole from the outside
  • Screw on eyepiece from inside
  • Finish the martini and start spying
Living Tasting

Put the kettle on; it’s teapot time


According to that Donegal postman, the confused tadpoles and Ken Ring a.k.a New Zealand weather forecaster extraordinaire, this is going to be Ireland’s worst winter in years. Great! To make matters worse, it’s Monday. There’s only one cure for this type of ailment. Teapot shopping.

The White Collection


Skull in crown teapot; €84.40, Culturelabel   Malay china teapot; €55.59, Whittard   Coastal teapot; €28.41, johnlewis


Growing Teapot; €79.68, Notonthehighstreet   Bathing girls teapot; €33.95,   Fusion Teapot; €68, Anthropologie


Elephant teapot; €12.05, Amazon   Camille Teapot; €36.94, Crate&Barell Keep calm teapot; €12.35, Amazon   White teapot; €31.67, isantiik


Vera Wang for Wedgwood; €80.40, johnlewis   Utopia teapot; €117.37, Jonathon Adler   Keep calm teapot; €12.35, Lesser & Pavey

The Black Collection


 Bornholm black teapot; €60.50, Hotteapots   Black teapot: €42, John Rocha   Globe black teapot; €25.42, London Pottery Co

The Colourdy Collection

                                                           Yellow spot teapot; €22.23, Whittard    Pantone Teapot; €55.59, dotmaison    Blue ‘Tiverton’ teapot; €35, J by Jasper Conran

               The Original Collection                 


         Mr T Tea teapot; €19.80, Lennymud


Loving Tasting

Monday funday; 5 things to dip into chocolate today.

It’s Monday; time to dip stuff in chocolate. The world could soon be coming to an end so don’t let your life pitter out with strawberries and fingers being the only things you’ve ever coated in chocolate. There’s no room in heaven for people like you. Here are five things you can brag about to God.

1. Orange segments. 

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are way too hard to open anyway.

Get the (hilariously Google-translated) recipe at Lehuo Taobao.

2. Frozen Bananas.

Ever wondered why there’s always money in the banana stand? Because chocolate-dipped bananas are amazing. That’s why.

Get the recipe at Baked Bree.

 3. Mint leaves.

So obvious. So elegant. Sooo doing it tonight.

Get the recipe at Lentil Breakdown.

4. Pretzels 

Ten times better than the shop-bought varieties. Because you can lick the spoon.

Get the recipe at Make and Takes. 

5. Marshmallows.

An oldie but a bloody goodie.

Get the recipe at Real Simple.

Doing Living

Christmas Countdown; Keep calm and clean the bathroom.

Well crack my nuts, it’s a month ’til Christmas. Should we be panicking yet? Maybe. But then, it is Sunday. The thing is, the panic will look for you, it will find you and it will kill you. Or at least make you slap a stranger. Maybe it’s time to start prepping…

Here are a few gentle suggestions for small things you could do today that will make festive-season a little less punchy-facey.

Go on a cleaning-bender in the bathroom. 

And I mean go mental on the place. Scrubbing the bejaysus out of the bathroom now will mean you’ll only need to give it a quick squirt, wipe and de-stink when someone decides to call in over the next few weeks with presents. Inconsiderate gits.

Start putting together a playlist.

Deal or No Deal is not the most ambient mood-setter and you are literally the only person in the world who wants to hear your entire crappy music collection on shuffle. Start tapping away at a decent playlist now because trying to put one together last minute is like trying to figure out how you have a Carrie Underwood album.

Sort out the lighting.

Clever (read; minimal) lighting is the best cleaner. There’s punches to be drank, cocktails to be sipped and champagne to be quaffed; who has time for hoovering? A few nightlights dropped into jam jars (start stocking up) dotted around the living room is a seriously easy way of swanking up the place while hiding the sweet-wrapper mountain under the couch. Make sure all your lamps have working bulbs too and maybe even check that your fairy lights are working…it shouldn’t look like a Santa seance.

Start testing cocktails.

Yes, testing. Now is the time to perfect your signature cocktail because going rogue on back-of-the-cupboard schnapps and Kia Ora while your thirsty visitors wait is just plain rude. So are the best cocktails.

Panic print from Visual Philosophy.

Doing Tasting

5 amazingly easy ways to bacon up your breakfast.

Clear your appointments and put your stretchy pants on. Breakfast just got epic.

1. Bacon bowl for eggs. 

This is why eggs were invented.

Get the recipe at Dine and Dish.

2. Baconified croque monsieur.

Whenever I’m in a restaurant in France, I put on an American accent and ask for a crunchy mister. Why? Because French waiters have the best sense of humour.  I’m sure they’d love this bastardized bacon version too.

Get the recipe at James Beard.

3. Bacon bit pancakes.

Lace your pancakes with bacon and restore your faith in the world.

Get the recipe at A Baked Creation.

4. Insanely easy bacon and egg muffins made with bread.

A legend is born. And it’s got rashers sticking out of it.

Get the recipe at Necessary Pleasures.

5. Bacon Cupcake, yes, Bacon Cupcake.

A buttermilk pancake base with maple butter-cream icing topped with crispy bacon. Heaven must be missing a breakfast.

Get the recipe at Created by Diane.