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Shelf Life; 10 Things You Should Turn Into Bookends

Ahh…another long weekend, another book coma. An extra day off inevitably leads to way too much time stuck in a book. Offset the laziness with a little craftiness, perhaps a new set of bookends for madame? Here are ten inanimate objects that can bracket your books in style. Wait…let me just finish this chapter…

1. Spray painted bricks.
Prettified bricks make sense every single time.

Sprayed brick bookends tutorial 2013 diy Tutorial; Camille Styles.

2. Vintage Telephones.
These days we keep our books in our phones, so this feels right.

Vintage telephone bookends DIY 2013 trendsTutorial; A Beautiful Mess.

3. Toy Soldiers.
You get to pull pants down when making this. I knew you were wondering.

Toy soldier bookend tutorial stylish diy Tutorial; What I Made.

4. Animal ornaments.
Old people have a weird habit of gifting younger people ornamental animals. Here’s one of my nicer suggestion for living with them (the ornaments, not the old people).

Lacquered animals bookend tutorial unwanted gifts Tutorial; House Of Earnest.

5. Honey bottles.
Because sometimes even when we do throw them out, they just seem so pathetic looking out from the bin. Stupid cute bears.

Honey bottle bookends DIY upcyle Tutorial; Pretty Providence.

6. Painted Books.
Some books are meant to be kept forever. Some are meant to be glued shut and painted black.

Painted books bookends hack 2013 Tutorial; Design Sponge.

7. Children’s toys.
This is pretty much a freebie because stealing from children is notoriously easy.

Kids toys bookends tutorial hack Tutorial; Say Yes To Hoboken.

8. Wrapped Bricks.
For those of us who’ve sent someone a memo using the old brick-through-window method, this will be a doddle.

Wrapped brick bookend tutorial Tutorial; Seventh House On The Left.

9. Sprayed Stones.
Robert Stone wrote Dog Soldiers and G.I. Joe’s surname was Stone…so this one would be wonderfully nerdy teamed with number 3.

Tutorial; Design Sponge.

10. Dinosaur toys
I seriously need to call into my niece and nephew. With my loot bag.

Dinosaur toy bookend DIY Tutorial; The Weekend Homemaker.

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Coriumi Leather Bags; High design, low price.

Geometric printer leather clutchLithuanian husband and wife team Coriumi are living the design dream; their leather, screen printed and utterly lust-worthy clutch and tote bags are so in demand that creating them has become their full time job. The couple met in art college – Inga studied fashion and Arvydas graphic design – and a collaboration led to a long term partnership of design and luuurve. And we luuurve the results. Geometric (hotter than Hansel right now) printed bags with a focus on beautiful colour-play that are remarkably affordable; most of the clutches are under €60. Check out their Etsy shop for more stunners.
Tribal pattern leather pouch €45 Coriumi 2013
Envelope geometric print leather

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Doing Tasting

These Aren’t The Eggs You’re Looking For; How To Do Easter Like A Jedi

I was going to apologies for this, the third consecutive choc-centric post, but then I remembered that no-one in the history of the world has ever complained about having too much chocolate. Then I decided to write the whole post with a yoda eggcellent Star Wars and Easter puns but too annoying it became. So here’s a boring old list of delicious ways to Jedi up your Easter. Some of them might be a little…CHEWY! Hey-ooooh. I’ll just leave. 

1. Eat your Creme Eggs like this.

William Rottenburg Star Wars Creme Egg easterAnd follow William Rotternburg‘s Flickr stream for more ideas.

2. Paint all your eggs like Star Wars characters.

DIY Star Wars painted eggsDIY from Michelle Scotto.

3. Then make them fight.

Tobias Ziegler easter egg light sabre star wars gifGif from Tobias Ziegler @ Behance.

4. Figure out how you can get your Hans on one of these.

Death Star gooey egg funny star wars chocolateVia Zeek Confectionery, Brazil.

5. Bake a skittish Jawa cake.

Jawa cake star wars easter funnyCake from Sweet Libertine Cakes.

6. Paint and hang some stromtrooper eggs.

Stormtrooper painted hanging eggs easter decorVia Next to Nicx.

7. Eat the Millennium Falcon.

Millennium Falcon filled Easter eggEaster egg from Sugar and Spice Arts.

8. Bake some wookie cookies.

Wookie cookies star wars party foodVia Stuck With Pins.

9. Or make a furry wookie cookie.

Wookie cookie plush toyVia Plush Team.

10. And paint some more eggs.

Painted Star Wars eggs easter funnyVia Estefi Machado.

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Easter Eggs Cracked; 4 Way’s to Make Them Yourself

Feeling creative, always wanted to call on that inner chocolatier. Well get your sleeves a rolling and feast your eyes on these homemade choctastic egg recipes. You won’t regret it.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, might I suggest my own Easter egg recipe. An Easter egg, in an Easter egg, in an Easter egg. Genius, I know…. Let us know how they turn out and if you’d like to send us any leftovers samples that’s OK too.

Candy filled Easter Eggs


Chocolate Egg with Ducks and Rabbits


An Easter Egg Chick

Solid Chocolate Eggs

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5 Cadbury’s Creme Egg Recipes; How Do You Eat Yours

Searching for unique and inspiring ways to stuff your face this Easter? Us too. And there is only one real answer to this humble question… The Creme Egg. Invented in 1963, these little bundles of joy are the best-selling confectionery item between New Year’s Day and Easter in the U.K and Ireland (Cadbury’s owes us big time Niamh). So here’s a few amazeballs recipes that will put our hoard to good use. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

Creme Egg Brownies

Creme Egg Frosting

Homemade Creme Eggs Recipe


Creme Egg Cupcakes

Creme Egg Pull Apart Sweet Rolls

Creme Egg Chocolate Pudding

and if you just can’t wait…

Cadbury Creme Egg & Brioche Soldiers

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They Draw And Cook; Artful Chocolate Recipes

There’s little as frustrating as trying to decide what to have for dinner so why not turn those hours spent pouring over Delia and Martha’s finest into a more artful endeavour? They Draw and Cook is a yummy website that combines cutesy illustrations with get-in-my-belly deliciousness. Artist from around the world are invited to submit illustrations of their favourite recipes and the archive is as addictive as some of the dishes. Many of the offerings have been included in various The Draw and Cook books and would look pretty adoraballs on the kitchen walls. With Easter in mind I’ve picked some of my favourite (looks and taste wise) chocolate recipes from the site. You can almost taste the pretty. 
Chocolate crepe recipe inforgraphic Chocolate crepe; Kaitlyn McCane, They Draw And Cook.
White chocolate and spices hot drink recipe art White chocolate and spices hot drink recipe; Or Livneh, They Draw And Cook.
Chocolate coconut candy recipe Chocolate Coconut Candy; Taylor Higgins, They Draw and Cook.
Chocolate chip muffins recipe artChocolate chip muffins recipe art; Maria Prieto Barea, They Draw and Cook.
Warming cocoa drink recipe artWarming cocoa drink recipe; Kristina Alijosiute, They Draw and Cook.
Brownies for one microwave recipe Brownies for one microwave recipe; Kendahl Kreps, They Draw and Cook.
Chocolate banana muffins recipe artChocolate banana muffins recipe; Shivani, They Draw and Cook.

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Tuesday Boozeday; Peppermint Easter Bunny Cocktail Recipe

The Easter Bunny came a-calling and decided to chocolate up my peppermint schnapps cocktail streak. It wasn’t really the Easter bunny, it was this Step by Step guide I came across that explains a seriously easy method for making chocolate infused vodka. The bunnies started talking after a few samples. The tutorial make truly tasty and incredible easy choccie voddie; simply melt 5 or 6 bars of some decent chocolate and slowly add 700ml of vodka, allow to cool and you’ve got yourself some dangerous yumminess on your hands.

I’m storing mine in a jar in the freezer for spiking unsuspecting coffees and making Peppermint Easter Bunny cocktails. Which I completely made up.  Mint and choc are a winning combo and the sharpness of peppermint schnapps works really well in this creamy treat. There are similar cocktails out there, like the Chocolate Mintini and the Peppermint Patty, but this one requires fewer expensive ingredients than most and, in my biased opinion, is hella tasty. Let the kids have their eggs, there’s only one way to do Easter in style; tipsy. Merry Easter Eggs, one and all!

Peppermint Easter Bunny Cocktail Recipe schnapps choc mint

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F**k Yeah It’s Irish! Jen O’Dwyer Leather Biker Jacket.

Jen O'Dwyer JODClothing leather biker jacket

Jen O'Dwyer JODClothing leather biker jacket

Be still my beating heart. Dublin based designer Jen O’Dwyer‘s calfskin leather biker jacket has all the makings of life-long love affair. According to the JODClothing designer, “the key to true style is finding pieces that grow and change with you. Leather is unique in that respect as it ages it softens and creases … maybe a bit like us!”

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Tool Tutorial; Makeup Brushes Demystified.

Okay, so we’ve washed our brushes, now what the hell do we do with them? We buy sets of brushes with the best intentions but most of us eventually end up in cycle of using few of them and possibly arse-ways. Here’s a handy makeup brush infographic I found on Pinterest that explains how to use what. Simples. 
Makeup brushes explained how to use makeup brushes

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How To Wash Your Make-Up Brushes

Images; Love Lanner.
Love Lanner makeup brush how to wash

Washing your makeup brushes is never fun but it can be easy. The benefits of de-gunking your brushes are pretty obvious; cleansing and toning your skin only to rub in yesterday’s skin cells, germs and general skankiness is probably not a great idea. But cleaning your brushes every time you use them…ain’t nobody got time for that. Or so I used to think. One of the many things I’ve learnt from the lovely makeup artists I’ve worked with on shoots is that, provided you give your brushes a “deep” clean reasonably regularly (once or twice a month), you can get away with a quick “spray and wipe” clean daily. Trust me, once you have what you need this is seriously manageable.

The quick “spray and wipe” clean.Love Lanner makeup brush wash
What you’ll need: Rubbing alcohol (super cheap from the chemist/drugstore), a packet of makeup wipes (or baby wipes), a spray bottle.

How to do it: Get in the habit of doing this one daily. Before you chuck your brushes back into their case give them a light spray with the alcohol (aim for slightly damp rather than soaked) and wipe them across a makeup cleansing wipe. Don’t forget the handles, the boozy treat disinfects nicely. 

The twice-monthly “deep” clean.How to wash makeup brushes
What you’ll need: Olive oil, bar of unscented soap (as natural as possible).

How to do it: The olive oil works by loosening dirt and conditioning the bristles. Start by dipping the bristles into the a small bowl of olive oil and swirling it around – the dirt will just float off (repeat in a fresh bowl of oil if necessary). Rinse the brushes and lather it into the bar of soap, rub the suds into the bristles and rinse again. Spray gently with the alcohol (remember then handle, goddammit) and lay flat to dry. Viola.

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