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March 2013

Looking Loving

Lena Yastreb; Dreamy Jewellery Designer

Rabbit ears hair pins sterling silver jewellery designerUkrainian design Lena Yastreb offers up sweet pieces of sterling silver jewellery with just the right amount of quirkiness for my liking. The Rabbits In My Head hair pins, (above, €38) are adorable enough to bring a grown women to her knees (I dropped my credit card); the blend of grown up understatement and gooey-wooey girliness brings a smile every time. Her Little Devil ring, complete with pointed tail, is plain bad ass. And Lena’s Silver Diamond ring – the “diamond” is made of silver too – is simply ingenious. Check out her Etsy shop to see the rest of her off beat pieces. Nostrovia!
Silver diamond no-stone ring quirky design   Sterling silver devil ring cute design

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Living Looking

Geometry Lessons; A Daily Dose Of Pattern

Daily Geometry Jan 2012
Having taken a year off to look after his two young children, German graphic designer Tilman Zitzmann decided to keep his creative skills sharp by creating a different geometric pattern everyday and posting it on his blog Geometry Daily. However interesting (or not) this sounds, now in it’s second year the project has made for incredibly addictive and inspiring following. We’ve seen the I’m-doing-something-amazeballs-every-day-for-a-year shtick before, but Zitzmann’s blog is a stand out if for no other reason than the pure simplicity of his idea and works. A selection of Tilman’s chic shapes are available as prints from Society 6 (€16). Here are a four of my favourites.
Constructing Another Golden Ratio - Geometry Daily print  Geometry Daily Flag of Failure print

Four months print Geometry Daily  Trails print Geometry Daily

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Living Looking

Hip Hop Hurray; Stylish Lyrical Art Prints

Run D.M.C. lyric art printHip hop and typography fans unite! These lyrical art prints from San Francisco based Arianna Orland are handpulled, signed on the back and sold through her shop Paper Jam Press. So what’s it going to be, Digital Underground, Fatboy Slim or Run DMC? Solo prints are €24 and doubles are €39. I’d definitely make it a double. 
Digital Underground lyric art print typoography   A Tribe Called Quest lyric art typogrophy print
Fatboy Slim lyric art poster typoography   Rick Ross Everyday I'm Hustlin lyric art print

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Living Loving

Off The Hook; 10 Hugely Impractical Phone Cases You’re Going To Want

 Bunny iPhone Case amazing phone casesSo the awkwardly-shaped-bunny-ears-iPhone-cover has got legs. Aside from showing up in the hands of the professional posers at fashion week, the cumbersome adorableness has been pressed against the hallowed cheek of Kate Moss…and a trend was born. The painful irony of adorning our handhelds with bulky whatsits isn’t enough to put us off. If anything, it’s just an excuse to buy a bigger handbag. Here’s our pick of the most lust-worthy phone covers that will never fit in your pocket.

Rabito phone case bunny design   Omniscient Siri iphone case funny
The original bunny iPhone case; €25, Rabito. Omniscient Siri iPhone case; €76, Shape Ways.
Silver knuckle duster iPhone case   Monster fur iPhone case
Knuckle duster iPhone case; €62, Knuckle Case. Monster fur phone case; €28, Ion Factory.
Etch a sketch phone cover fun design   Vintage camera iPhone case design
Etch a sketch iPhone case; €19, Connect Design. Vintage camera phone case; €17, IskyZone.
Feed me pocket phone cover   3d skull iPhone cover design
Feed me pocket phone cover; €16, Connect Design. 3D skull phone cover; €39.95, Hugo Arcier.
Whale hanging phone cover storage    Moschino trench phone cover
Hanging whale phone cover; €18, Connect Design. Moschino trench phone cover; €61, Shopbop.

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Living Looking Loving

Clean Me Up; The Holodeck Shower Is Here

Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch OLED shower holodeck
Who hasn’t dreamed of their very own holodeck? While the reality is still a way off, designers Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch have dreamt up something pretty damn close with the OLED shower which features three walls of television screens that will show…well, anything you want. While only at concept stages now, the OLED screen (similiar to LEDs but with organic compounds lighting up instead of bulbs) is super light, flexible and thin and adds another element to the design; portability. So how about washing your stinky self anywhere in the house while watching a waterfall flow in the Amazon, the sun setting in Thailand or the Brad Pitt scenes in Thelma and Louise? Bring. It. On.
Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch shower holodeck

Source; Yanko.

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Living Looking Loving

Necking It; 30 Statement Necklaces Under €30

30 Under 30 Statement necklaces spring summer 13It’s all in the details when it comes to nailing the trends but lazy clever girls head straight for the statement making accessories to score big with minimal effort. Layer them on or wear them on their own; it’s all good when they’re this chunky.

Tassel necklace statement necklaces spring summer 2013Spike collar statement necklaces spring summer 2013Multi chain necklace statement necklaces spring summer 2013
Inspiration pic; Tassel; €12, New Look. Spike; €21, Topshop. Beaded; €12, New Look. Tribal; €15, Boohoo. Chain; €20, ASOS.
Crystal statement necklace s/s 13 trends Crystal collar s/s 13 trends jewellery Pink crystal choker s/s 13 trends jewellery Jewelled necklace s/s 13 trends jewellery Multi rhinestone necklace s/s 13 trends jewellery crystal set collar s/s 13 trends jewellery
Inspirationvia Myfashiontricks. Collar;€20,Diva. Pink;€23,MissSelfridge. Jewelled;€9,Boohoo. Multi;€26,DorothPerkins. Collar;€15,M&S.
Neon statement necklace Neon statement necklace street style trends 2013 Tribal neon necklace street style trends 2013 Pink neon pendant necklace street style trends 2013 Neon gold necklace street style trends 2013 Crystal and neon necklace street style trends 2013
Inspo viaUltimatefashion. Neon;€18,NewLook. Tribal;€12,MissSelfridge. Pink;€8,Boohoo. Gold;€26,DorothyPerkins. Crystal;€13,DP.
Statement necklace feathers street style trends 2013Beaded feather  statement necklace jewellery trend 2013Feather statement necklace jewellery trend 2013Bright feather statement necklace jewellery trend 2013Black feather necklace statement trend 2013Blue feather pendant statement necklace jewellery trend 2013
Inspo pic; Beaded; €5, Buckle. Feather; €26, HoF. Bright; €12, Buckle. Leather; Etsy. Blue; €7, New Look.
Tribal statement necklaces s/s 13 trendsMasai necklace s/s 13 trendsRed tribal necklace s/s 13 trendsTribal wrapped necklace s/s 13 trendsPink tribal necklace s/s 13 trendsTribal collar necklace s/s 13 trends
Inspo pic; Masai; €19,Blackmalaika. Wrapped; €26, Deekoline. Pink; €24, MissSelfridge. Collar; €24, NewLook.
Layered statement necklaces s/s 13 trends fashion Gold multi layer chains necklaces s/s 13 trends fashionFour pack chains necklace s/s 13 trends fashionMultirow chains necklaces s/s 13 trends fashionLayered necklace s/s 13 trends fashionCord and chain necklace s/s 13 trends fashion
Inspo pic; StockholmStreetStyle. Gold; €15, MissSelfridge. Four; €26, ASOS. Layred; €8 NewLook. Multirow; €22, Wallis. Cord; €27, Oasis.

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Doing Living

It’s Time; 5 Infographics to Ease You into the Spring Cleanathon

Spring has officially sprung on the other side of the Atlantic today, and even though it’s been in full swing here since the 1st of Feb, it sure hasn’t felt like it. Just ask the mini snowman in my garden! But to be fair, it’s been the perfect excuse to avoid the expected cleaning frenzy that this season bullies us into… every bloody year.

But with my gaff getting stinkier by the day, I think even the walls are changing colour, I’ve decided it’s time to pull the finger out and get to work. And I’m relying on these infographics to help cushion the blow.

Green Clean Your Home

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Doing Tasting

Tuesday Boozeday; Peppermint Mojito Cocktail Recipe

It’s been less than a month since we featured a mojito but I couldn’t pass up the chance to make one with peppermint schnapps. As suspected, adding peppermint liqueur to the mix makes for a mighty mojito indeed. The sweetness of the schnapps means you can go easy on the sugar, allowing Hemingway’s favourite tipple become all the more refreshing. If the sun ever happens to pass Ireland again I’m having a boozy barbecue just to make these mo’s.
Tuesday Boozeday Peppermint Schnapps mojito cocktail recipe lime

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Doing Looking

Temporary Tattoos; Designer Ink For Wimps

‘The other day I got a Henna tattoo that says “Forever”‘ ~ Zach Galifianakis.

When Ötzi the Iceman – the mummified corpse of a tatted-up dude who lived over 5,000 years ago – was discovered in 1991, many would-be tattees were reminded of just how permanent tattoos are. Other common excuses for chickening out include disapproving mothers/bosses, the fear of boredom and Hayden Pannettiere. Worry not, thanks to the slew of design led temporary tattoos on the market, wimping out and inking up has never been such a good idea. Here’s my pick of the best temporary tattoos for commitment phobes.

Robot temporary tattooRobots temporary tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
Not another anchor tattoo  Woodland critters temporary tattoo
Not another anchor tattoo; €6 for 2, Tattyoo. Woodland critters temporary tatt; €6, DB Illustrations.
Home sweet home temporary tattooHome Sweet Home temporary tattoo; €6 for 2, Tattyoo.
Fox temporary tattoo design  Four folks and a dog temporary tattoo
Fox temporary tatt; €8 for 2, Burrowing Homes. Four folks and a dog tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
You're late watch temporary tattoo designerYou’re late watch tattoo; €4 for 2, Tattly.
I am typography tattoo  Dog sketch temporary tattoo
I Am typography tattoo; €2.50 Dotting Hill. Dog sketch temporary tattoo; €4.50, Pepper Ink.
Paper Airplane temporary tattooPaper airplane tattoo; €4.50, Pepper Ink.

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Looking Loving

Dress Your Tech; Free iPad Wallpapers Made With Love

” Hannah and Kelty are twins, best friends, and co-owners of The Weaver House, based in Portland. They’re pretty particular about their desktop backgrounds and love contributing to the Design Love Fest blog with their Dress Your Tech column.”

Well worth checking out, their column is full of original freebie downloads to fancy up most of the technology you have around lying the house.

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