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Doing Tasting

Tuesday Boozeday; Boozy Raspberry And Cucumber Cocktail

Suffering from that Tuesday blood-alcohol dip? Time for some booziness. After five weeks, 6 cocktails and two drowned Lego Men, I’ve come to the end of my cucumber vodka experiment. What have I learned? Three things: 1. Melon and cucumber are a really disgusting combination (I only posted 5 cocktails, the melon abomination failed the taste test and barely passed the being-able-to-hold-it-down taste); 2. Using a potato peeler on a cucumber makes the prettiest garnish ever and 3. I am going to dropkick any barman who tells me they don’t have fresh cucumber this summer.
To bid farewell to the cucumber, I made this appropriately summery slushie with an inappropriately high alcohol content. If your raspberries are fresh instead of frozen you can still make yourself a tasty drink, just add plenty of ice and don’t expect the slushie consistency. This – with the tart raspberries and quenching cucumber – will be what my mouth is going to remember of summer ’13. 

Boozy Raspberry and Cucumber Slushie Cocktail Recipe

How to make cucumber vodka homemade
Tuesday Boozeday-ier; How To Make Cucumber Infused Vodka
Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber and Pomegranate Cocktail

Living Looking Loving

Let There Be Light; ESW And Upcycling Illuminations

ESW is a Neo-Nostalgic boutique specializing in peculiar One-of-a-Kind home decor misfits & oddities.”

Who could resist such an introduction? And even though Ursula’s quirky projects vary from  Recycled animal & sea life remains to Air plant curiosities it’s her upcycled Illuminations that I’m particularly taken with. Using Pope Pipes, Multi-Coloured Cord and Vintage Gooseneck Lamps, (to name but a few ingredients) Ursula has created some serious eye candy that would bring light life to any corner. Practical, original and full of style, that’s my kinda lady!

ESW uses American fittings so don’t forget to request a UK adapter. Prices start from €65.00.

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Living Loving

F**k Yeah It’s Irish! Supercool Hand Covered Pencils By six0six

I love me a good pencil or 500 and sixOsix designer Vanessa Scott-Hayward may have some of the best. These Superhero pencils are hand covered with vintage comics and would make any scribe’s spidey senses tingle. Coming in at €15 for 5, these Irish-made beauties come in a superfly box that adds to school-yard one-upmanship appeal. I would have demanded so many fancy papers to even let you hold one had I owned these in school. 

Irish design superman comic pencils gifts

Check out sixOsix’s Etsy shop for more hand covered pencils, picture frames and greetings cards. 

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500 Colored Pencils; One Amazingly Beautiful DIY
Doing Living

Demotivational Posters; Free Arrested Development Typography Art

free typography download printable art arrested development

This is it, the final leg of the six year wait for some fresh new Arrested Development goodness. On May 26th the ass-dent in my couch will change forever with the release of 15 new episodes in one day. To celebrate, I removed my pants and pulled my arty stocking over my head and made these printable typography posters that feature the most demotivational A.D. one-liners. Because if there’s one thing that Arrested Development has taught us it’s that hard work, studious attention to detail and commitment to family will never get you as far as some slapdash lies, faux fruit and vodka.

Arrested Development printable typography art free download funny quotes   Arrested Development free art poster funny quotes printable

I’ll admit narrowing down the quotes were hard. Lindsay’s “I think I maced a crane”, GOB’s “I hear the jury’s still out on science”, and every single prison guard’s “No touching!” just barely missed out to these four but I’m tempted to make a few more so there maybe be a part two. If I don’t get cancelled. So go forth and print off some uninspiring quotes or don’t, whatever. I’ve included a tiny Style It watermark on the bottoms but feel free to email me at NiamhStyleIt(at) and I’ll send you watermark-free versions. I know, I’m a regular Freddie Wilson. 

Arrested Development free printable Quote art   Arrested Development free printable art

 To print, simply click on the print to expand it and save to your desktop or send it away to get printed by the pros (I had each one printed in A3 and A4 for €10 all together by the lovely folks at Snap). Let us know your favourite Arrested Development quotes and how you’re coping with the wait for the new season. And if you’ve decided to print some of these off we’d love to hear about it. 

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Doing Tasting

Happy National Pretzel Day; 8 Recipes to Celebrate Our Faithful Friend

 Today is National Pretzel Day, Hurrah! And there is much to be celebrated about this versatile fella. Feeding us since the dark ages, (Word on the street is that either an Italian Monk or someone from a monastery in Southern France invented this holy dough) and taking many guises since, pretzels have been embraced by the world over. It even has Swing dance steps named after it; “The pretzel dance move”.

And let’s not forget 2002, when the courageous pretzel was awarded “Superfood” status for the time it rallied against George Bush Jr and tried to choke him. (Unfortunately, this heroic attempt failed but it will remain close to our hearts forever.)

So here’s 8 sacred recipes in honor of this valiant baked good. 


Soft Pretzels with English Mustard

Garlic & Herb Pretzel Breadsticks

Rosemary, Cheddar & Sea Salt Pretzels

Spicy Pretzel Party Mix


Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzels

No-Bake Butterfinger & Pretzel Cheescake

Pretzel Butterscotch Cocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks

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Living Looking

Star Wars Fashion Illustrations; These Are The Prints You’re Looking For.

Star wars darth vader fashion art stylish poster prints
There are two things I love in this world, Star Wars and fashion, and illustrator John “not the Face/Off director” Woo has merged the two with these spectacularly lovely posters. Disguised as regular fashion illustrations, the prints are homages to the stylishness of Star Wars and feature a motley crew of characters in high fashion threads. How about a Stormtrooper in Thom Browne NY, Jango Fett in Comme de Garçon or Vader rockin some Band of Outsiders? Oh God, I think I’m having a printgasm.

Woo has turned his hand to characters beyond Star Wars too, with Forrest Gump, Edward ScissorhandsSuperman and none other than John J. Rambo being turned into the fashionistas we never knew they were.  Check out his Etsy shop for more.

  Star wars darth vader fashion art stylish poster prints

Star wars darth vader fashion art stylish poster prints

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Living Looking Loving

500 Colored Pencils; One Amazingly Beautiful Piece Of Art (That You Can Own!)

If the words “subscription” and “stationary” bring to mind those arts and crafts magazines with amazing projects you’d inevitably never complete, prepare to make your 12 year old very, very self proud. Combining the childhood excitement of starting a long-sighted project with the grown up practicality of all the work being done for you, Japanese company Felissimo offers a 20 month subscription to 500 Coloured Pencils. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. What would we accomplish with 500 pencils? This kind of loveliness, that’s what.

500 Colored Pencils wall art amazing ideas displayYup, obsessive compulsives don’t get it much better than this. The subscription service will send you 25 new colours every month for 20 months with the website describing the unbearable-wait factor as being an “unhurried creative process. As you build your collection, the pencils become your story and your experience.”  I really love this. Turning the pencils in fantasmic pieces of art is one thing, but the idea of interacting with the whole process, even if you just open the parcel and shove it into a cupboard, is really sweet. Memories have strange way of clinging to the most transient things – smell, sound, colours – and the idea of being able to identify the final display with a different moments in the past year or so is beautifully unique. This could be a lovely present for newly-weds or  new parents who, if they get the time to open post, will forever associate the many, many pencils with their first year of loved-uppery. 

500 Colored Pencils design

If nothing else, they’ve got a good shot of perking up 20 mornings, which is my go-to excuse when shopping online. Making the whole process less excruciating is the fact that even in small groups, the pencils look really adorable and artsy. I’d love to see these after being used a little. My watch-the-world-burn urges want to scribble and sharpen these so bad, but the idea of seeing these a little battered and chewed in groups of jars is really appealing. 

Every month you receive 20 new colours, each with quirky names like Miss Muffet, Rhett Butler and Tenderfoot, and choosing how to display them opens up a whole world of possibilities. The subscription costs around €18 a month including delivery, which is so very, very temptingly low. I….I want these. I want these bad. 

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Living Tasting

Tuesday Boozeday; Pomegranate and Cucumber Spritzer

Tuesday equals Boozeday ’round these parts and as it’s been a sunny day, how but a summer spritzer? Continuing cucumber vodka’s reign (here’s the super easy way to make it for those of you who haven’t been paying attention), today I added some pomegranate juice and I am glad I did. Glad and a little tipsy. In the end pomegranate juice alone didn’t quite work but equal parts pom and soda water is just about perfect. The immediate taste is all juicy and tart and the refreshing cucumber brings a refreshing coolness akin to that time Fonzie saved Joanie from being felt up by the motorcycle gang. The Pom and Cuce Spritzer – which is definitely what Fonzie would have called it –  is really easy to make, low on ingredients, and you don’t even need a shaker. Happy days.

cucumber bloody mary cocktail recipe
Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber Bloody Mary
Cucumber Moscow Mule vodka cocktail recipe spring summer 2013
Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber Vodka Mule
Living Tasting

Up In My Grill; 10 Gourmet Toasties Tasty Enough For Dinner

Ten Gourmet Toasties Tasty Enough for Dinner ideas

Stop hiding behind those ready meals and step toward the oven like the goddamn ninja chef you know yourself to be. You don’t need to flambe a duck or croute a pate or whatever to make gourmet dinners; if you know how to make a grilled sandwich you know how to make phenomenal toasties. Here are ten toasted sambo recipes that will totally pass for dinner. Now this is my kind of cooking. 

Brie and Caramelised Onion Toastie

Brie and carmalised onion toastie dinner ideasRecipe; Chasing Delicious.

Avocado, Prosciutto and Balsamic Toasties.

avocado prosciutto balsamic toasties Recipe; Woman and Home.

Balsamic Fig and Goat’s Cheese Toasts.

balsamic fig and goat cheese toasts Recipe; VodKitchen.

Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Spinach.

Recipe; Simply Reem.

Grilled Peach and Portobello Mushroom Toasties.

Grilled Peach and Portobello Mushroom Toastie Recipe; Finger, Fork & Knife.

Egg and Pesto with Green Beans.

Recipe; Kwestiasmaku.

Caprese Grilled Cheese with Arugula Pesto Toasted Sandwich

Caprese Grilled Cheese with Arugula Pesto toasted sandwich.jpg Recipe; Feasting at Home.

Brie Croque Monsieur Sandwiches

Brie Croque Monsieur Sandwiches Recipe; Framed Cooks.

 Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Date Jam and Radicchio.

Gourmet grilled cheese with date jam and radicchio Recipe; Chatelaine.

Fig, Ricotta and Honey Toasties.

Fig and ricotta toasties Recipe; Taste.

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Living Loving

Beth Hoeckel; Regretting The Laws Of Gravity

Beth Hoeckel’s work never fails to catch my eye and her latest series Point of View, filled with dreamy lunar imagery, is no exception. Creating cosmic laden pieces from her Baltimore apartment, Beth uses collage, India ink, photography and gouache (a type of paint) when building her scenes.

This is one imagination I’d happily float around in so please Miss Hoeckel, dream a little dream for me. 



 Prices from €33.00

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