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Put Your Dresser In It’s Place; D.I.Y Your Drawers

Sick of that ugly dresser taunting you from the corner of the room? Are you tired of those sad drawers embarrassing you in front of your booty calls guests? Does stained, chipped paint haunt your dreams? Or do you simply wish you had the money to buy some new sh*t…? We can help. You don’t have to live like this any more. There is a way out.

 Follow this guide to chest-of-drawers salvation and peace can be yours. All yours! And take it from a girl who recently super-glued her lip to her gum, all these projects are achievable. 

Paint Spattered Cabinet

 Channel you inner Pollock and get splattering. Or if you prefer a more practical approach, then this is the perfect opportunity to use up any old paint you have knocking about. If you had a deprived childhood and have no clue how to splatter paint, then the lads over at homeguides have a detailed tutorial.

Pantone Emerald Green

The colour of 2013., for anyone that wants to be Lady Trendy-Pants of Hipsterville. But who can blame them? This is one awesome colour that should be used more often around our abode’s. Be bold, be brave, be green! Dulux is great for bright pigments and Farrow & Ball for longevity.

Glossed Over

 Rockin, party, cool! This project requires a bit of elbow grease but with an end result like this… who cares? Track down a piece of furniture you like but make sure it has some sort of character, this is about making a high-shine statement. For maximum effect spray on a couple of coats of varnish; it will be worth the effort. Plus, you’ll have really toned elbows. For a helpful link follow How to paint and varnish wood.

Mish Mash of Drawers

Call yourself what you will… artist… salvager… dumpster diver… thief… Whatever gets the job done and this one’s a dirty girl. Don your upcycling cap and create a monster masterpiece that you can call your own. The best places to search for drawers are in skips, granny’s houses and, you know, shops. Head over to Building Multi-Drawer Console for the details on how to bring them all together with style. * Extra willpower required.

Graffiti Dresser

I really only have one piece of advice. Go apeshit!

The Wallpaper Effect

 The great thing about wallpapering a well knackered piece of furniture is that it can cover a multitude of horrors. And if you’re a bit commitment-phobic, you have the option of changing it as often as you like. Choose the paper wisely, if your Auntie likes it, don’t buy it. Get the know-how at home-dzine.

Chalk it Down

One of the more successful ways to use blackboard paint in the home (check out the link below). You can get chalkboard paint in an impressive array of colours so you’re not limited to black. This is a fun project no matter what you’re painting.

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Why Do We Cry? The Boo-Hoos Artfully Explained By AsapSCIENCE

Ever wondered why leaky face syndrome only affects humans? Want an answer that won’t, ahahahem, bore you to tears? Blogging biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown explain brilliantly relatable matters of biology  – like orgasms, hangovers and getting high –  in their simple and beautifully illustrated videos. Check out this week’s offering, Why Do We Cry?, and follow their YouTube channel, AsapSCIENCE, for answers to more questions about your body that you never thought to ask. 

Via Design Taxi.

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Wardrobe Cheat Sheet; 8 Ways To Wear Spring’s Orange

There were tangerine dreams aplenty on the spring/summer catwalks with Stella, Mulberry and Victoria “I Guess We’ Have To Take Her Seriously Now” Beckham going fruity for juicy shades. Sure, you need Gisele’s complexion and Gaga’s balls to pull it off but, ay carumba, it’s worth it when you do. Here’s your cut-out-and-keep guide for squeezing some orange into 2013.

Wardrobe Cheat Sheet spring summer 2013 how to Orange Trend Infographic

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Quote Unquote; Stylish Art Prints With Hunter S. Thompson’s Wisest Words

While they might not have much hang-in-there-kitty appeal, Hunter S. Thompson wrote enough wise words to inspire generations. You’ve read the books and watched the films, here’s how to hang the chaotically beautiful wisdom of Dr. Thompson on your walls. 

Take The Ride Hunter S Thompson art print fear loathingBuy the Ticket, Take The Ride print; €20, Earmark.

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” ~ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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8 Malteser Recipes To Make Your Mouth Wet

The humble Malteser, supposedly lighter than ordinary chocolate. Not when we’ve finished with it. Here are 8 recipes that will elevate the Malteser to deliciously gooey new heights. 

Malteser Squares

Malteser Ice-Cream

No Bake Chocolate Malteser Cake

Malteser Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Malteser Ice Cream Cake

Malteser Cupcakes

Malteser Brownies with Chocolate Chips

 Vanilla Malt Milkshake

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Tuesday Boozeday; Cucumber Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is said to have launched the craze for vodka in America so if you’re reading this from the states, now you know what to blame for that time you called your ex’s mum to tell her you love her. Anyhoo, the Moscow Mule is more than just a trouble maker, it’s about the most refreshing drink you can slurp on a hot summer’s day – which is when the best trouble is made. Use your cucumber vodka instead of the regular stuff and you’ve just elevated your drink, and probably your day, to legend-here-comes-trouble-ary. 

Cucumber Moscow Mule vodka cocktail recipe spring summer 2013

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Moss Graffiti; What You Need To Know

Moss eco graffiti how to diy tutorial

Graffiti has been elevated to new levels of hipness lately thanks to trailblazers like Jonah “*picture of a dick*-tation” Takalua and the opening credits of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (I’m all about current references). If you happened to grow out of writing your name on other people’s stuff when you turned 10, worry not, there is a way to get in on the action. Moss graffiti gives your inner vandal a chance to stick it to the man, except prettily, legally and without being in the least bit subversive. So really, we’re just sticking it to the wall. And that’s good enough for me, I don’t want to be sent to live with my wealthy uncle in Bel Air. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Here’s what you need to know.


Really, really easy. The gist of it is; mix clumps of moss with buttermilk, live yoghurt or beer, blend with some water and paint directly onto the wall. Wirral Wildlife have created this handy graphic (below, click to expand) that covers it nicely, however they do use the term “moss milkshake”, officially my least favourite flavour.
How to make moss graffiti indoors trends 2013


Not just better looking, better for the environment. Apparently spray paint isn’t that common a substance in nature. Moss, however, is.

Moss graffiti with paint graffiti how to 2013 interiorsImage via Yatzer.


Wondering how to let everyone know you’ve read Kurt Vonnegut or listen to The Smiths? So many quotes you need to share, so little wall/tattoo space left? Moss graffiti is your man. A giant stencil would definitely come in handy, as would someone else willing to do it for you. I’m getting “Literature should not disappear up it’s own asshole” mossed onto my outhouse.

Hope moss graffiti quote how to 2013Image via Hayli Alyce


An entire quote may seem a little excessive so how about a single word?  Certainly the execution will be easier, but good luck picking out just one word.  I’d go for “harrumph” because that’s the best one. Damn, “grow” is waaay better isn’t it?

Grow moss graffiti inspiration trends 2013 Image via Anna Garforth.


Not so good with words and such? Skip the calligraphy and moss up some shapes instead. Maintenance-wise you’ll probably be doing yourself a favour.

Heart shaped moss graffiti 2013 INTERIORS TRENDS Image via Tumblr.


Because your moss milkshake deserves nothing less then precise, intricate and impeccably executed graffiti.

Grow moss graffiti inspiration trends 2013 Image via Regina Urban Ecology.


Forget your grass walls, moss graffiti is so much more stylish, striking and, em, spongy. This one was designed by Anna Garforth for the Russian Club in England and represents Mother Earth. Mine is going to represent a square and a horse because they’re the only two things I can draw.

Moss graffiti indoors interiors inspiration 2013 Image via Inhabitat.


Maybe you’re landlord doesn’t want you decorating the walls with living organisms or you just can’t get the bloody stuff to stick. Forgetaboutit, just whip up some of these DIY moss garlands and hang them with pride. A more moderate amount of pride than if you’d managed any of the above, but pride none the less.

Moss heart garlands diy tutorial wedding trends 2013 Tutorial; Project Wedding.

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Cutting Edge; 3 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe With A Scissors.

Still patting yourself on the back for making that awesomo denim handbag out of jeans when you were 11? Well you should be, that bag was so damn rad, Donna Martin would probably have stocked it in Now Wear This and you knew it. Now that we’re all growed up, transforming your trousers’ crotches into a tote seems a little, well, actually it stills seems pretty fantastic but there are many other pieces of clothing waiting to be altered into amazingness. Here’s my pick of the best DIY fashion tutorials that require little more than a scissors, a needle and thread and maybe a bit of glue. Donna’s gonna go nuts.


It don’t get much easier than this. If you’re allowed/know how to use a scissors, skully, hearty shapes are just waiting to style up your tatty old tees.
Cut out skull tee DIY tutorial fashion Cut out skull tee tutorial; Desire and Inspire.
Heart cut out tee tutorial fashion diy   Crucifix cut out tee tutorial fashion diy
Heart cut out tee DIY; Made in Pretoria. Crucifix cut out tee tutorial; Boat People.


Cutting your trousers into a pair of shorts is such an important rite of passage for teenage girls that if never did it, you should probably check yourself for a penis. Take your cue from the righteous embellishment we added to our cut-offs in the nineties, but, you know, nice this time.
Aztec patched cut off shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013 Aztec patched cut offs DIY; Social Wardrobe.
Metallic embelished shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013   Lace trimmed jean shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013
Metallic embellished shorts DIY; Refinery 29. Lace trimmed shorts tutorial; Swell Mayde.


Denim shirts have been getting the jeans treatment of late and by that I mean they’re being torn apart, cut out and patched up. Like this.
Cut out denim shirt DIY FASHION TUTORIAL Cut out denim shirt; A Pair and a Spare.
Cut out denim shirt tutorial fashion 2013   Patched denim shirt tutorial fashion 2013
Cut out denim shirt tutorial; Charlie’s Fashion Web. Patched denim shirt DIY; Free People.

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Weak for Wallpaper; Wall & Decó are Turning up The Heat

One of my besties, Tafty is also cut from the same silken cloth when it comes to our profession. Slaves to the world of interior decoration, our conversations can get a tad design-centric when we meet up. Throw in a bottle, or two, of white and it’s kinda mental impressive how long we can flog a subject like… Shelving or Abigail Ahern’s sitting room. 

Or, as was the case last week, Wallpaper. Meet Wall & decó, the super cool Italian Wallpaper Design Company that is burying the “neutral” trend 6 feet under while hastening the pulse rate of wall whisperers everywhere. Don’t you just love a bad boy. (Thanks for introducing us Tafty, fight you for him!) x





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Amazebags; Punny Reusable Shoppers Designed In Ireland

Me and Emee Douche Bag shopper stylish reusable bagLooking for a goodie bag, a douche bag or even a scum bag? Me and Emee, a badass bag designing duo from Ireland, have you covered. Punning up the weekly shop like pros, the sisters have created possibly the only reusable bags that are stylish and witty enough to carry my burrito kits and toilet paper. The cotton shoppers (€45 each) are printed in Ireland and come with Italian leather handles. Swit-swoo. 

Me and Emee Scum Bag shopper stylish reusable bagMe and Emee Old Bag reusable shopper stylish reusable bag
Me and Emee Doggie Bag reusable shopper stylish reusable bagMe and Emee Money Bag reusable shopper stylish reusable bag

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