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Wardrobe Cheat Sheet; 8 Ways To Wear Red and Pink

Real men and tough biatches wear pink. If, however, you find yourself twirling your hair and knocking your knees you might want to slap the fluff out of pink with a splash of red; the badassest colour combo of the season. Here’s how the street stylers are doing it. 

Wardrobe fashion cheat sheet red and pink street style 2013 trends colours

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Hold The Presses; Five Reasons To Love Letterpress Drawers

5 reasons to love letterpress drawers ideas trays interiors trends

What the frickin’ frack are letterpress drawers? Oh, only the awesomest way to store your unstorables. Back in the Stone Age it was some poor sucker’s job to line up every letter of every word that was going to be printed in a newspaper. The letterpress types (the letters) were numerous and what this poor guy lacked in job satisfaction was more than made up for with vintage-industrial furniture, although it would have been modern-industrial at the time or, as it was know back then, ‘just some crap to make my tedious job less lucrative’. Obviously this guy is pretty much unemployed these days but letterpress drawers (or trays) have found a whole new role. Placed upright on a wall the drawers make perfect little shelves, like tiny Billy Bookcases, for all the trinkets we could possible want on show. Not convinced? Here are five pretty good reasons to love them.
Letterpress tray 1. AWESOME, AWESOME STORAGE
There are certain things in the world that just don’t want to be arranged neatly and aromatherapy bottles are one of those things. Little bastards that they are, they’re too finicky to stack, too leaky for horizontal positions and used too regularly to be chucked in a storage box. Even apothecary cabinets are pretty useless because the small wooden drawers don’t allow you to see what’s inside them and you’re left lifting every single bloody one to check the label. This is where letterpress drawers come into their own. They were, after all, originally made for storing tiny and finicky objects while keeping them visible and close to hand and off the newsroom floors they continue to do a damn fine job of displaying your knickknacks that are in everyday use. Spools of thread, makeup and nail polishes are but a few of the similarly tricky objects a letterpress drawer can spank into line.
letterpress tray storage 2. THEY LOOK REALLY GOOD
Really, really good. Pretending our grandparents had wicked ass taste in homewares by kitting our gaffs out with antique trunks and side tables is one thing, but letterpress drawers take the whole heirloom thing to fantastic new levels. Nothing says “Nanny used to print a radical literature for the Black Panthers in the sixties” quite like some letterpress parts hanging in the living room. So not only are they quite useful, they’re quite decorative.
Decorated letterpress tray DIY 3. YOU CAN DECORATE THEM
If you find a good example and choose to paint it you could well be set alight from the collective bad karma you’ll get from the Pinterest-atti but if you happen to find a pretty crap version, its fair game. A lick of paint is one thing but you could go all Billy Bookcase on your drawer by decorating the cubbies individually with maps and wallpaper and the like.
For the most part letterpress drawers are suitable for smaller whosits and whatsits galore but if you’ve got larger thingabobs (I’ve got twenty) you might want moooore. Now to say that in a way that isn’t a bastardisation of The Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World; it’s worth keeping an eye out for pieces with larger spaces that would house CDs, DVDs and maybe even some paperbacks. Letterpress cabinets, as pictured, are particularly roomy and stand on their own. They mightn’t be as easy to source as the drawers and trays, but they do exist.
Affordable letterpress drawer ideas 5. They’re cheap
A thorough investigation (quick search on Etsy) reveals that letterpress drawers are available for as little as €11 before postage, although expect to spend at least €50 all in. The one pictured is €32 from Cupola Vintage. Keep an eye out on eBay and you’ll probably find something cheaper. I’m guessing that the aforementioned (p)interest in letterpress trays will start raising the price pretty soon so get in early before the bandwagon late check-in fees kick in.

Images via; 1. This Vintage Thing. 2. Little Red Chair. 3. Things Bright. 4. I Adore It. 5. Cupola Vintage.

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Existentialist Art; The Meaning of Life…Remains Unclear.

meaning of life print art funny

If you’re searching for the vaguest possible meaning of life, then you’ll like Fit For a Frame. Strange name but they have a good excuse; the UK based printmakers  are on a mission to make prints that fit Ikea’s standard frame and even offer an entire page dedicated to the Scandi chain’s different sizing options. Which is handy dandy not only because finding frames can be a bitch but because Fit For a Frame produce 3 new limited edition screen prints with invited designers every two or three months and being able to frame them cheaply is damn good justification for buying each and every one. We’re gonna need a bigger wall.
The limited edition prints are available from FFAF’s store, prices from €14 to €32. 

Love hate art print poster funny

choice3 music typography art print poster funny




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Perky Prints; Kill Your TV And Other Cheery Advice

Motivational art prints are a dime a dozen but Aardvark on Sea‘s letterpress posters are sure to put a smirk on even the moodiest bastard’s mug. The visually striking prints are made using traditional wood type and the uplifting messages manage to avoid veering into cheesy territory; perfect if you’re the type who likes to respond to “chin up, slugger” with a firm face punch. They also make posters in unusual sizes and I gotta say, I love me a non-standard print shape even if trying to find a frame to fit is likely to make me moody all over again.

Kill Your TV art print cool motivational happy funny

Samuel Beckett quote art print letterpress typography

art print cool motivational happy funny

Freedom poster print quote art print letterpress typography

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Tuesday Boozeday; Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

I include ‘dipping strawberries into chocolate’ both as a hobby on my C.V. and a skill. It just sends the right message. Strawberries and chocolate go together like, well, lies and C.V.s and when you booze up proceedings with the strawberry vodka we’ve been brewing, your reward centre goes into overdrive. I quite like creamy cocktails, particularly when it’s warm out, but this Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cocktail is my new favourite. Virtuously fruity and with enough vodka to help you forget the cream, this is what the ice-cream trucks serve in heaven.

chocolate dipped strawberry vodka fresh icecream cocktail recipe ideas fun

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Stylish DIY Kits From Australia’s Craft Queen

When Tamara Maynes isn’t contributing to Inside Out Magazine and a making her own special designs she’s helping the less crafty among us get in on the home-made action. Her store, The Six Week Boutique, offers some of the best DIY kits that allow the even the most buttery fingered crafters create home-made homewares that will inspire squeals of I-made-it-myselfs every time someone calls. The Paradise Motel box light ($10) is case in point; once you have the materials, the easy to follow instructions will talk you through each step to help you make your very own light installation that, all going well, you can proudly hang on your walls.
Paradise Motel DIY Light box kit If the thought of having to use a drill is a crafty step too far, perhaps the DIY Quilt Light Kit ($20) would be a better option. Again, the instructions are downloadable and once you have the right paper and tape, you’re all set to start seriously impressing your mates. And probably making them think you’re a damn liar.
Quilt light DIY kit Should your friends start doubting your new-found skills, the best way to respond would be with a beautifully embroidered death threat, and Tamara has just the thing. These Ransom Note cross-stitch templates ($8 for the whole creepy alphabet) are just the thing for making the most passive aggressive embroidery hoops around. After all, “I Know Where You Live” is totes the new “Hope Sweet Home”.
Ransom Note cross stitch pattern diy funny Of course, if all else fails, cheat. The Six Week Boutique also offers some products that are already made, like these gorgeously oversized Macrame Wall Hangings ($495). Crafty enough to hint that you made it yourself but, you know, completed by another person for you in exchange for money (mere semantics), if I sew my finger to another embroidery hoop, this is the route I’m taking. Well, I did make the money myself, surely that’s a plausible form of DIY.
Macrame Wall Hanging oversized

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Just My Bag; Luggage Tag Holiday Print Art

The best holidays are the ones you forget to take pictures during and tourist shop knicknacks are often reminders of only the crappier parts of the adventure. London based artist Neil Stevens has created these beautiful luggage tag-inspired art prints (way too stylish to be called souvenirs) that would serve as beautiful symbols of a well spent fortnight. Check out Neil’s store for more. 

Rio De Janeiro brazil stylish holiday souvenir art print poster
AUCKLAND stylish holiday souvenir art print poster
LA stylish holiday souvenir art print poster
NICE stylish holiday souvenir art print poster

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Free Lyric Art; Printable Eels Poster

Though generally not the happiest campers on the planet, Eels do know how to make a catchy tune that sounds quite breezily chipper on the surface (listen harder and you’ll probably end up sobbing into a bottle of bourbon, wondering where it all went wrong and how the hell you got a bottle of bourbon). I Need Some Sleep is one of my favourites so I decided to make a printable poster with the lyrics for your printing pleasure. Just click and print or email it to your local printers. And try not to get tears in your whiskey. 

Eels printable lyric art freebie best free downloadable art wall prints

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Tuesday Boozeday; Strawberry-Vodka Champagne Cocktail

Some of the best things in life are free, others are €8.99 in Aldi. A bottle of bubbles, no matter how cheap, can always be improved with the right ingredients and I discovered this weekend that strawberry vodka is definitely a right ingredient. It’s as simple as it sounds, a shot of S.V. into a glass of champers garnished with a fresh strawberry – just make sure everything is chilled well first. This is perfect summer sipping. 

Strawberry Vodka Champers cocktail infused summer wedding recipes champagne

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