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The Party Never Ends; Everlasting Ceramic Balloon

Much like scraps of tinsel tacked to the walls become a depressing symbol of the post-Christmas anti-climax, withering balloons never make the post-Birthday days any easier. Luckily, artist Sivan Sternbach has turned the humble balloon into permanent mini-celebration with her captivating ceramic versions.The Israeli artist, who has received the Saatchi seal of approval, has a background in pastry-making, meaning she is quite possibly the best person the invite to a party ever. And while her pastel balloons look almost good enough to eat, her earthy ceramic beauties are strangely haunting. Like the ghosts of birthdays past, minus the toilet-hugging hangover. 

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink
Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon white permanent everlasting balloon

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon natural everlasting

Sivan Sternbach’s ceramic balloons, available from Saatchi Online, are €450. Prints start at €38.

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Living Looking Loving

Old Tom Foolery; Greeting Cards For Modern Life

Finding cards fit for the 21st century can be a tricky task but Old Tom Foolery have got us covered. With messages of love and indifference for even the most obscure occasions, you’ll be sure to find that card for your lover with eye gunge, a sister having a craptastic time or that happily pregnant friend who’s bummed out that she can’t booze. I particularly love their headline cards which manage to be both charming and offensive, like all good things.

I love you funny romantic greetings card

Ecstatic birthday suck it funny birthday card humor

cheer up funny greetings card humour

funny new baby pregnant card humor

belated asshole funny birthday late card

funny gold fathers day card humor

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Tuesday Boozeday: Strawberry Vodka & Coconut Milkshake

There’s nothing in the world like a strawberry milkshake on a summer day. Unless you include vodka, which you should. Armed with this morning’s strawberry vodka tutorial, this boozy shake is incredibly easy to make; just chuck all the ingredients into a blender, whizz and serve. And that’s about the maximum effort I’m willing to make on a summer day cocktail. Enjoy.

Strawberry-Vodka and Coconut boozy summer wedding Milkshake

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How To Make Strawberry Infused Vodka

How to make strawberry vodka wedding summer cocktail recipe ideas diyDid you know the strawberry isn’t a berry? It’s actually a delicious vehicle of alcohol delivery just waiting to be mixed with booze. Infusing vodka is one of the great ways of smartening up your drinks cabinet without spending a fortune on obscure hipster tipples that you barely ever use. Decent vodka can be bought reasonably cheap and infusing even the more dubious versions can help to make it a little more smooth. It’s also one of the better spirits to flavour as a rule thanks to it’s subtle signature taste.

This month’s Tuesday Boozedays are going to be based around DIY strawberry infused vodka, starting with one coming this afternoon. I made the vodka pictured above yesterday and already it’s tasting deliciously strawberryish and blushing to a nice pink. I’m going to keep the fruit in for another few days to fully infuse but it’s ready to use within 12 hours so definitely one for the impatient boozers among us. And it takes no more than five minutes from start to finish. Let the strawberry cocktails commence. 

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