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Picto Perfect; Viktor Hertz’s Pictogram Posters Are (the) Boss

Test your Super Fan-iness (?!) and show off your geeky band love with Viktor Hertz‘s rock posters that feature oh-so-sneaky song lyrics in pictogram form. Hertz has a long history of making damn fine pictogram-based homages that ooze clever-dickery for both music and movies, but these are my favourite to date. Hours of good clean fun is to be had working out the easier ones, followed by hours of hurling abuse at guests who are completely bloody useless at figuring out the trickier ones. Good times.
These, and more of Viktor Hertz’s pictogram rock posters, €22.50, are available here.

Bruce Springsteen pictogram poster Victor Hertz lyric music modern art prints
Bob Dylan Viktor Hertz lyric art
David Bowie Viktor Hertz lyric art pictogram art
Iggy Pop Viktor Hertz pictogram lyrics art prints

Living Looking

Strange Motivations; Cursey Inspirational Art Prints.

I suspect that the reason there are so many quotey inspirational posters these days is that they work way too well. Imagine working down a motivational print mine? You’d never go home. That is, unless that mine belonged to Cliché Zero. Merging cheery optimism with a healthy dose of sarcasm, Cliché Zero‘s typographic prints play up to the traditional self-lovery that most The Secret-inspired quotes extol, but deliver their message with a good sharp kick to the funny bone. Fill your boots people, this is some good advice. Available at Cliché Zero, €12 each. 

Choose not to be an asshole funny art poster officeGet your shit together funny poster quote artIt's okay shit's just fine art print funny typographyBe kind to animal print funny typography


Sofa King Cool; 10 Aggressive Cushions For Your Couch


We’re often told that punching pillows is a great way of releasing pent up rage, but it would be nice if it was a slightly fairer fight. Worry not, I’ve tracked down 10 offensive throw cushions that could probably hold their own were you to dole out a savage beat down. What? I was just plumping them. Plumping them to hell.

1. Merde cushion (€77, Alexandra Ferguson). You may think that this is the only word you’d need to know to confidently explore France, but actually it’s not. As soon as the waiters realize that you know it, they’ll just call you something else.

Merde Pillows funny offensive stylish pillows2. Anger Cushion (€16, Society 6). I quite like the idea of having a selection of cushions that express various emotions. I mean, who wants to actually have to say stuff?

Anger cushion punch 3. Cannonball cushion (€50, Utilitarian Franchise). When you absolutely, positively gotta chill with the some images of ancient weaponry.

Canonball pillow funny aggressive homewares

4. You Suck Heart Cushion (€20, Sweat and Offbeat). Oh I suck? Well you’re my new favourite fart stifler, how do you like that? Goddam soft furnishings giving me abuse.

You Suck Pillow funny cushions

5. I Hate People Cushion (€55, Zazzle). You hate people, huh? Actually, I think we have a bit common ground here. You’re my new hug pillow, that’s what you are.

I hate people cushion funny offensive home accessories

6. Pew Pew Cushion (€32, Choice Cuts). I’m more of a martial arts Whaaatchaaaw kind of gal but I’ll Pew Pew back. Yeah, I’ll Pew Pew back like you’ve never been Pew Pewed back before. You bastard.

Pew Pew pillow funny home wares

7. Go To The Gym Cushion (€77, Alexandra Ferguson). Hey, I’m not the one sitting on the bloody couch all day, stuffing my face with Doritos Chilli Heatwaves and shouting at Dr. Phil. Okay I am. Outsmarted by a pillow. Again.

Go to the gym pillow sarcastic pillow

8. Fighting Panda Cushion (€16, Society 6). I know this isn’t the most politically correct view to have, but Pandas deserve a good hard slap. What kind of animals won’t hump? My family cat has been neutered for about a decade and he still tries to perform indecent acts on himself. I bet pandas don’t even fight.

Fighting panda cushion funny gifts

9. Ninja Cushion (€20, Yellow Bug Boutique). Finally, a worthy opponent. Ninja cushion has got the looks, but has he got the guts? I just check and, he does; he comes stuffed with polyester filling. Touché.

Ninja cushion funny interiors

10. Fuck U Cushion (€16, Society 6). Now here’s a cushion that’s just plain asking for a bashing.

Fuck u cushion funny

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The Cycle Of Life; Bike Taxidermy To Immortalize Your Wheels

Bicycle Taxidermy bike gifts geeky

Firstly, don’t ever type “taxidermy” into Google Images when there is thunder and lightening outside. Stuffed cats haunt dreams, as do four Bambis sewn together. But Bike Taxidermy; now here’s a nifty idea that doesn’t make me want to acid attack my own eyes. People become strangely attached to their bikes (I think it has something to do with the crotch-centric nature of the relationship) and Bicycle Taxidermy helps them immortalize their beloved handlebars in much the same way a hunter would an animal’s face. There are 3 different styles of plaques, two colour options and a little engravable plate for the epitaph, all for a pretty reasonable £50. You can also buy purpose made versions with groovy looking handlebars already attached; I guess that’s for the cyclist whose old bike is wheeling around a farm too far away to visit. 

Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas
Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas

Living Tasting

Table Cheat Sheet; The Placemat With Manners

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts, lowly whore that she is, doesn’t know what cutlery to use for her starter…with hilarious consequences? It’s a common scenario, even for those of us who don’t grant strangers vaginal access for money, and one that the brilliantly named Placemat of Etiquette serves to rectify. Screenprinted with a blueprint for table manners, it’s is all the more brilliant thanks to the fact that it’s in German, and if anyone’s going to throw some manners in us, it’s de Germans. Available from Donkey for €15.95 for two.

Etiquette cheat sheet placemat manners

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Il Ritorno Dello Jedi; Mighty Star Wars Movie Mashup Posters

Combining two of my greatest passions, Star Wars and shitty novels, artist Timothy Anderson has created these clever prints that imagine Leia and Han’s love story as a work of pulp fiction. Twisting iconic quotes from the trilogy into the blurb, like The Princess and the Scoundrel’s “She loved him and he knew it, but would that be enough?”, there’s more cleverness in one of these prints than there is in every piece of Jar Jar Binks dialogue combined (mesa thinks). Anderson has also turned his eye to space-cowboys with his spaghetti western inspired threesome of prints that are more Stellar Guerre than Star Wars. Visit Timothy Anderson’s prints store to get yours. Timothy Anderson Star Wars prints funny witty
Timothy Anderson star wars posters witty nerdy
Timothy Anderson star wars art geeky funny
Timothy Anderson Star Wars mashup art funny
Timothy Anderson Star Wars mashup funny witty
Timothy Anderson star wars mashup print western

Living Looking

Inanimate Objects Of Desire; Witty Art Prints Explore Unsung Bonds

Lamp and Bulb by Safwat Saleem witty art

Relationships can be tough and graphic artist Safwat Saleem‘s Coupled series of prints explores the less celebrated love/hate between the inanimate objects around us. The loss a lamp feels when its bulb dies, the completion a sock finds when it finds its other half and the asshole sun’s LOLs when it melts a snowman. The horny socket looking for a good plugging brings new mean to turning on the lights. A selection of the prints are available from Society 6

Outlet and plug by Safwat Saleem funny prints art
Snowman and asshole sun by Safwat Saleem witty posters print
man and existential crisis by Safwat Saleem thought provoking art
Bread and knife by Safwat Saleem funny art


Clean Getaway; 5 Non-Liquid Cosmetics That Outsmart Airport Security

Non liquid cosmetics to outsmart airport security hacks travel

Sneaking away for a last minute break is one of the great joys of life. Realising that a 125ml bottle has won you a place a no fly list, however, isn’t. We all know that only shmucks check in baggage for weekend breaks but whittling down our arsenal of potions and lotions to 100ml bottles and litre bags is too much like that scene from Sophie’s Choice when Meryl Streep has to decide between her Kéraste Masquintense and her Fekkai Overnight Hair. There are some decisions that we should never have to make so to help lighten your carry-on liquid load (or eradicate it completely) we’ve compiled a checklist of beauty-saving security-dodgers. 

Solid cleanser body wash travel non liquid hack

I’ll admit the concept of soap isn’t an altogether new one, but most of us regard them as too utilitarian to really win a place in our daily facial regime. Call me shallow but shiz has gotta be prettier than a sorry ass soap to usurp my selection of bought-‘em-for-the-packaging cleansers. That said, I can (and did) handle a weekend away with Clinique’s Facial Soap and while I didn’t miss it when I got home, it did multi-task like a mo-fo while I was away. The trick is to chop it up into four pieces; one for the shower, one for the hands, one for face and a spare one for funsies. As a cleanser, it wasn’t nearly as drying as I had anticipated (it comes in three skin-typed formulas) and after a day of soaking up the city smog, it made my skin feel squeaky clean without much effort. It wasn’t too melty in the shower either and left my slightly sunburnt body feeling lightly moisturised. My hands liked it too, but they’d like anything considering the anti-bac abuse I hurl at them. Doing double duty as a gentle cleanser and shower gel, this moisturising facial soap is my new holiday hero, even if it still isn’t allowed into my home bathroom.
Clinique Facial Soap Bar, around €15. 

non liquid shampoo bar security travel hack The Marmite of the cosmetics industry, most people have a love it or hate it relationship with Lush. If you’re a hater, try to brave the radiating stank long enough to pick up one of these wunderbar shampoos. They have more than ten varieties so your hair type is covered and they take up precious little real-estate in your carry-on. If you’re a lover then you’re no doubt familiar with these bounce-making bars that get even the sandiest, saltiest, smoggiest hair squeaky clean. Chuck one of Lush’s shampoo bars in your bag and not only are you one bottle lighter (that’s right ladies; you can officially bring the Masquintense and Over Night Hair), but your smalls will smell delicious when you arrive. By the by, forgive me if I sound cheap but instead of buying one of the tins Lush sell for storing these, I cut mine into quarters so I’m not taking the whole bar into the shower. Yeah, I heard it. I’m pretty damn cheap.
Lush Shampoo Bars, around €6, Lush

perfumed powder no liquid travel hack tips Another one from Lush, again noteworthy for to its multi-tasking nature, and this one has actually passed through my hallowed bathroom door. Aside from being a replacement for perfume (normally I don’t like jasmine but oh, my!) this body powder is perfect for numerous getaway eventualities. Pre-holiday I use it a few hours after applying tanner before I go to be bed to stop staining the sheets. If you’re indulging in a dirty weekend, a dusting of Silky Underwear leaves your skin super soft and lightly scented and helps to absorb sweat (but none of the noise, you dirty dawg). If you’re on a sticky city break and you find your bits are being rubbed in a less enjoyable manner, a dusting on the thighs, under arms and boobs will help with any chaffing and sprinkling some on the sheets will make them feel cool. I like to rub a teeny amount into my shoes at the end of a day’s adventuring and into my hair to scent my swoosh.
Silky Underwear Body Powder, around €5, Lush

tan perfect scrubbing grains We all know that the perfect tan, faked or baked, needs a smooth base to look its best so holidays aren’t a great time to be without your scrub. These Adzuki Bean and Rice Washing Grains work best when mixed with water or cleanser and can be massaged on from head to toe; handy if you’re tight on time or a lazy git. One word of warning though; the heavy jar isn’t exactly carry-on friendly so decant some into an empty bottle or sandwich bag (or something less smuggle-y) before you leave. Also, much like the Gremlins, the jar turns nasty if it gets wet so make sure your mitts are dry before you dig in.
Adzuki Bean and Rice Washing Grains, around €10, The Body Shop.

Solid hair serum body lotion travel airport hacks Okay, I don’t want to land anyone in a backroom with a rubber-gloved guard so let me make a bit of a disclaimer; this pure shea butter is a solid when at room temperature so passing through security shouldn’t be an issue…but…you could come up against a real moody jobsworth who begs to disagree. In which case, just do as you’re told and slip the tiny 8ml tin into your plastic bag. L’Occitane boasts 50 different uses for the shea butter including as a hair serum, sun-soothing body moisturiser and dechappifying lip balm and this pocket-sized tin goes a surprisingly long way. Just don’t keep it in your pocket when passing through security, it will make it runny. And not runny ha-ha.
Pure Mini Shea Butter, around €9, L’occitane


Tuesday Boozeday; 10 Mojitos Recipes You Have To Try This Summer


So you’ve got fresh mint growing on the window, a fridge stocked with limes and a keg o’ rum in the hot-press; all mojito eventualities are covered, right? Buddy, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mint and lime are just the tip of the very tasty iceberg when it comes to mojitios these days and if you’re going to bother making one, you should make it one to remember. Here are ten of the most monumental mojito flavours out there.

1. Cucumber and Green Tea Mojito.

Cucumber and green tea mojito recipe unusual summer cocktail wedding

We’ve discussed before the extraordinary thirst-quenching powers of the humble cucumber and this bad boy is no different. When not intimidating men, the cuc is found in the savviest summer cocktails (anyone for Pimms?) and the herby kick of basil turns the mojito on its head. Get the recipe from Cooking Stoned .

2. Rose Petal and Spearmint Mojito

Rose Petal and spearmint Mojito flower cocktails

Being on a bit of a rose kick of late, I can attest to the wonderfully ladylike way floral cocktails get you hammered. This pretty little mojito may appear all very sophisticated, but it’s a bruiser at heart. Get the recipe from The Pleasures of the Palate.

3. Elderflower and Honey Mojito

Elderflower and honey mojito unusual wedding cocktail Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. But you, you flowered those berries and made this, the poshest of all mojitos. Visit A Beautiful Mess for the recipe.

4. Rhubarb and Lime Mojito

Rhubarb and Lime Mojito flavour combinations There’s little as summery in the world as rhubarb and while I’m familiar with eating it (with a 1:1 ratio of sugar), drinking it is new to me. This changes everything. Get the recipe from The Arctic Garden

5. Strawberry and Basil Mojito.

Strawberry and Basil Mojito recipe summer cocktail Strawberries and basil have been doing pretty wonderful things in our salads for a while now so it makes sense that we booze things up. If you haven’t tried this combo yet, now – right this second – would be a good time. Get the recipe from The Endless Meal.

6. Pomegranate and Champagne Mojito

Pomegranate and Champagne Mojito recipe

Pomegranate? Champagne? This is going to be a good summer isn’t it? The bubbles amp things up a gear and the pom juice makes this cocktail feel dangerously virtuous. Deliciously, dangerously virtuous. Get the recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers.

7. Lavender and Mint Mojito

Lavender and Mint Mojito recipe

Usually used as an aid for snoozing, lavender is a great flower for boozing too thanks to its deliciously deep flavour and kudos-inducing looks. The kick of lime in this recipe from Deco Tartelette helps balance things out, which can’t be said for the 2 ounces of Cachaca.

8. Ginger and Blueberry Mojito

Ginger and Blueberry Mojito cocktail recipe

Ginger beer and rum has become my go-to intoxicant these days but this little puppy could be just the mojito to change all that. The blueberries are just the thing for livening things up. So is the rum. Get the recipe from Pure Provender.

9. Coconut and Mango Mojito

Coconut and Mango mojito recipe cocktail summer

Take your taste-buds on a totally tropically trip and pretend that you don’t have a bikini to squeeze into with this highly addictive coconut and mango mojito. Get the recipe from How Sweet It Is.

10. Cucumber and Coriander Mojito

Cucumber and Coriander Mojito recipe

Coriander (or cilantro, depending on how you say ‘tomato’) is an acquired taste but then so is rum so let’s start acquiring with this cucumber based mo’. Get the recipe from Red Book Mag.


Film Wheel; Modern Art Prints Featuring Famous Movie Cars

Taxi Driver movie poster print art modern

Taking modern movie poster retakes up a gear is Seville-based graphic designer Jesús Prudencio. His print art project Cars and Film does exactly what it says on the tin; cars are used as the stars of slick film posters that are vague enough to be geeky without being obnoxiously obscure. From the iconic Deloreon and Ectomobile to Travis Bickle’s taxi and super freakin’ Volkswagen in Little Miss Sunshine, I’m surprised by how often an automobile plays a key role in films that I love. The prints are available here from €21. 

Ghostbusters extomobile poster art
Little Miss Sunshine poster art
Back to the Future poster art