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You Should Buy Art; The Answer To My Most Pretentious Questions?

When I stumbled across today, I thought it would make a nice post for this, my much-neglected blog. However, after four hours in a semi-conscious 20X-hole, I’m pretty sure I can get a lifetime out of posts out of this quasi-pretentious e-gallery. If this was a bricks and mortar store, it would definitely have a mustachioed salesman in flannel. The premise is pretty clever; different artists of varying fame and acclaim are invited to produce a series of prints, which are sold at different prices according to size and limited-editiony-ness. A 10″x8″, of which there are 200, sell for $24, a 40″x30″, of which there are 20, sells for $2,400. Cleverness.  There are varying sizes and prices in between, making them a great way to access to some art that could increase in value. But here’s the best bit, the disappointingly un-mustachioed but otherwise quite wonderful artist William Powhida has done the convincing for us with his You Should Buy Art prints. Man, blogging is crazy easy. I’ll be keeping a close eye on 20×200 for more delectables (I already have a greedy amount pinned in one of my shamefully disorganised but blessedly secret Pinterest boards). So, without further juju, here’s William Powhida on why we should and shouldn’t by art, and how we should, you know, live and curse and stuff. William Powhida Why you should buy art funny art print limited

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