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Free Printables; Grown-Up Colouring Pages

coloring in book free pages low poly trio

You know you want free colouring in pages.  So hip, so arty, so damn procrastinnovative (a word I just innovented). Trendy as hell right now, grown-up colouring books are everyone’s new favourite way of not freaking the shit out. According to The New York Times, Buzzfeed and the like, a good hard doodle is the only way to dodge-anxiety for fall 2015. I can attest. My sister bought me a mindfulness colouring book for my birthday (it rocks) which I keep next to my computer; the monitor hasn’t been smacked since.

So, yeah. I made you some. Using Unsplash’s awesome archive of free pics, Snorpey’s image Triangulator and a reserve of Photoshop patience I didn’t know I contained, I created these low-poly pages for your printing and colouring pleasure. Here are the three originals, from the mighty Unsplash;

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Plants. Glorious, clutter-hiding, soul soothing/crushing plants. My track record of plant-care verges on the genocidal, but I’m slowly learning how not to kill so many. Or, at least, how to kill them very, very slowly.

Though notoriously shitty conversationalists, I love surrounding myself with houseplants, squeezing them into every nook and cranny of my apartment and office desk. Yeah, they’re good for the air and the heart and such. But I’m a misogynist when it comes to indoor horticulture; I value them almost entirely for their looks. I’ll share some pics of my own plants soon, once I teach them how to shut their whiny mouths and look pretty for the cameras. Until then, allow me to share with your some plants that’ve got it going on the looks department. Run, run I tell you, to the nearest plant shop. Cos they’re not going to kill themselves.

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