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5 amazingly easy ways to bacon up your breakfast.

Clear your appointments and put your stretchy pants on. Breakfast just got epic.

1. Bacon bowl for eggs. 

This is why eggs were invented.

Get the recipe at Dine and Dish.

2. Baconified croque monsieur.

Whenever I’m in a restaurant in France, I put on an American accent and ask for a crunchy mister. Why? Because French waiters have the best sense of humour.  I’m sure they’d love this bastardized bacon version too.

Get the recipe at James Beard.

3. Bacon bit pancakes.

Lace your pancakes with bacon and restore your faith in the world.

Get the recipe at A Baked Creation.

4. Insanely easy bacon and egg muffins made with bread.

A legend is born. And it’s got rashers sticking out of it.

Get the recipe at Necessary Pleasures.

5. Bacon Cupcake, yes, Bacon Cupcake.

A buttermilk pancake base with maple butter-cream icing topped with crispy bacon. Heaven must be missing a breakfast.

Get the recipe at Created by Diane.


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