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Blue Monday; How To Cheer Yourself Up

The eve of “most depressing day” of the year is upon us, ugh! But in an effort to always look on the bright side of life; we have resurrected some childhood frolic’s to get you through the day.

Knick-knock like a Ninja

Ah, the forgotten art of knick knocking. The glorious act of creeping up to a door, knocking and running away to hide in the bushes and watch the confusion unfold, is simply thrilling. We really only suggest attempting this at night, unless you’re really brave or perhaps have an early bedtime but even then…  A Balaclava is advised and this is not recommended for apartment dwellers! P.s don’t let the grannies fool you, they are veterans of this craft ♠ Bonus points for not running away, just stand there.

Image via; lindaweaverclarke

Build a Blanket Fort

Easy, hang some string from you ceiling, attach it anywhere, this isn’t permanent. Then grab all the blankets, sheets, tea-towels, scarves, curtains and bedspreads you own and drape them over the string. This doesn’t have to look very fancy but artistic effort is always appreciated. Gather some cushions, plants, lemons (for some reason) and candles, any old crap really, but try to have some sort of a theme otherwise you might feel like your living in a dump. And that will make you sad… ♠ Bonus points for spending the night in it.

Image via; Pinterest

Steal your Neighbours Flowers

And try to sell them back to them. You know who to target, Mr Cranky Pants down the road… why do the meanest people always grow the prettiest flowers! We advise picking a wide variety of blooms, quantity and quality is the key here. Now wrap them in nice paper and if you can be bothered, a little bit of ribbon. ♠ Bonus points for making any money or befriending Mr Cranky Pants, good luck.

Image via; thenumber1

Make Sock Puppets

The skies the limit with these little fellas and who doesn’t have some lonesome socks looking for a new purpose. Be as creative as you like, glitter, pipe cleaners, zogabongs, the works. And if you need a little more incentive, you could always view this as a form of therapy. Now we’re not saying make voodoo dolls as such, but you know… whatever works, Sock Puppets can be friends too.  ♠ Bonus points for doing a Jason Segel from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and write and stage a puppet musical version of Dracula.

Image via; life123

OK, if we fail and none of the above make tomorrow any easier, then it’s time to bring out the big guns… and put your wellies on. But a cautionary word if we may; This is not for the faint of heart, mean people (Mr Cranky Pants) or for someone who doesn’t have a garden

Adopt a Pygmy Goat

Image via; thefrisky

So there we have it, 5 ridiculous ideas to help tomorrow run a little more smoothly. Finger’s crossed!

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  • Reply Bona March 3, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Stealing flowers from Mr. Cranky Pants and then suggesting they try to sell them back is not an activity you should suggest to children. You’re encouraging lying and stealing…Not acceptable morals!

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