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500 Colored Pencils; One Amazingly Beautiful Piece Of Art (That You Can Own!)

If the words “subscription” and “stationary” bring to mind those arts and crafts magazines with amazing projects you’d inevitably never complete, prepare to make your 12 year old very, very self proud. Combining the childhood excitement of starting a long-sighted project with the grown up practicality of all the work being done for you, Japanese company Felissimo offers a 20 month subscription to 500 Coloured Pencils. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. What would we accomplish with 500 pencils? This kind of loveliness, that’s what.

500 Colored Pencils wall art amazing ideas displayYup, obsessive compulsives don’t get it much better than this. The subscription service will send you 25 new colours every month for 20 months with the website describing the unbearable-wait factor as being an “unhurried creative process. As you build your collection, the pencils become your story and your experience.”  I really love this. Turning the pencils in fantasmic pieces of art is one thing, but the idea of interacting with the whole process, even if you just open the parcel and shove it into a cupboard, is really sweet. Memories have strange way of clinging to the most transient things – smell, sound, colours – and the idea of being able to identify the final display with a different moments in the past year or so is beautifully unique. This could be a lovely present for newly-weds or  new parents who, if they get the time to open post, will forever associate the many, many pencils with their first year of loved-uppery. 

500 Colored Pencils design

If nothing else, they’ve got a good shot of perking up 20 mornings, which is my go-to excuse when shopping online. Making the whole process less excruciating is the fact that even in small groups, the pencils look really adorable and artsy. I’d love to see these after being used a little. My watch-the-world-burn urges want to scribble and sharpen these so bad, but the idea of seeing these a little battered and chewed in groups of jars is really appealing. 

Every month you receive 20 new colours, each with quirky names like Miss Muffet, Rhett Butler and Tenderfoot, and choosing how to display them opens up a whole world of possibilities. The subscription costs around €18 a month including delivery, which is so very, very temptingly low. I….I want these. I want these bad. 

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