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A Good Moon Rising; A Little Lunar Love For The Home

Glow in the dark moon wall sticker largest moon homewaresMove over sun, the longer days and shorter nights have left us pining for the moon. Luckily i³ Lab, a design team that describe themselves as an “imaginary space laboratory”, have appropriately spacy minds. The Seoul-based designers create some of the most awe-inspiring lunar-themed homewares including the world’s largest moonlight wall sticker (€140). It glows in the dark at night, above, and looks like an awesome photograph of the moon, below, which it is, during the day.
Glow in the dark moon daylight sticker

They also make mattresses.  Full moon mattresses.  That you can sleep on. Be still my beating heart. This is why beds are burning; who among us can now go back to their stupid boring valance and duvet set after seeing this? Pah. Called Full Moon Odyssey, the photograph of the moon, or rather the 26 images merged to make one, was taken by Chin Wei Loon from Kuala Lumpur and the mattress is made of memory foam. Bliss.

Full moon floor matress

I haven’t been able to track down exactly how much the Full Moon Odyssey costs (I think up to €5000) but I’m guessing the Nocturn By Moonlight hug pillow, €95, is probably a more affordable,  but no less adorable, option. I can’t think of anything I’d rather hug.
Full moon hug cushion

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