A Whole Lotta Rosy; How To Infuse Vodka With Rose

How to infuse vodka with rose flowers cocktails recipe
Not long ago I spent a month distilling the virtues of using tea as a mixer in cocktails. From what I remember of the experiment, it went well. So well, I’ve decided to spend this month focussing on rose-tea flavoured vodka. The Tuesday Boozeday cocktail recipe will be along shortly, but for now let’s focus on rosing up that voddie.
I steeped my rose buds, which I got in a tea shop for about €5, for three days but even after ten hours it tasted rather rosy. Rose isn’t the strongest flavour but if you keep the vodka in the freezer after it’s infused (I just fill old jars) it makes amazeballs shots. Stay tuned for a month of rose infused vodka Tuesday Boozeday recipes; it’s going to be a rose tinted summer.
rose vodka infusion tea flower recipe how to wedding ideas

How to infuse vodka with rose instructions

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