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Welcome Niamh O'Dea Irish Lifestyle Blog

Forged in the fiery underground of Dublin City, Style it Like You Stole It isn’t so much a lifestyle blog as a sledgehammer of chicness that’s going to smash you in the face with fabulousness. No, wait… actually it is a lifestyle blog. But you should probably gird your loins anyway.

Hello, my name is Niamh O’Dea and I’m a fashion writer and stylist by day and the Style It blogger by night. I’m hell bent on finding the most criminally good wall art, fashion and cocktails for the buy-curious. By the way, my idea of “good” tends to include cursing, Star Wars and cucumbers

Feel free to drop me a line at niamhstyleit(at)gmail.com.

Image from Sign Fail.

And now for some good old fashioned nepotism. Visit my sister Sarah’s lampshade store, Shady and The Lamp, here. The shades are even more awesome than the name. And say ‘hey brother’ to my big bro’s driftwood furniture store, Marcus Clavus, here. Extra marks if you know what Marcus Clavus means.


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