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All The Small Things; What You Need To Know About ACEO Mini Art.

Submarine ACEO mini art print original ideas

Submarine ACEO mini art print original ideasWhat the what is ACEO? In a nutshell, teeney tiny original pieces of art that are super affordable. But oh so much more. Miniture art is nothing new. Henry VIII agreed to marry Anne of Cleves after commissioning an artist to paint an Art Card – a playing card sized painting – to capture her essence (boobs). After accusing the artist of exaggeration her hotness, Henry subsequently divorced Anne without even humping or decapitating her.

During the 16th century wealthy cads would commission an artist to paint a portrait of their darling families to hang on their walls and an Art Card of their nudey mistresses to keep in their wallets. Somehow Art Cards were pulled out of the gutter when, towards the end of the Renaissance, artists started trading them with one another…and the Artist Trading Card, or ATC, was born.

At some point during the nineties ATCs saw a resurgence and online shops like eBay and Etsy brought a whole new audience. The trading aspect was dropped as people decided that little pieces of art from up-and-coming artists was a cute way of getting in on the arty action without a massive budget. And so ACEOs – Art Cards, Original Editions – are a thing now.

To qualify as an ACEO the rules are pretty simple (and loosely followed); the artwork should be 2.5″ X 3.5″, the size of a baseball trading card, and should either be an original or a limited edition, hence the name. As ever, complying with the rules is proving as inspirational as bending them and the art form is fast becoming a fresh and exciting way of supporting young artists and getting a unique piece of art for a pretty low price.

Etsy is without a doubt the place to go for ACEO right now. Yep, you’ll probably have a little trawling to do but with 30,000 pieces to choose from you’re bound to find something you love. Too much work? Here are 10 ACEO artists that should tempt you more than a little.

Painter Peeps
City watercolour original ACEO the best of etsyGoldfish watercolour original ACEO etsy ideasCoffee love watercolour original ACEO ETSY
Michigan-based Painter Peeps‘s pretty little watercolours are prints of the artist’s original art works. Coming in under €5, they are perfect entry level prints . They’d look great grouped together or dotted amongst a cluster of photographs.

Rococo Nikka

School day ACEO original mini art printThis is not what it looks like ACEO original mini artSuperduper Piggy original ACEO art mini print
“I fight for chocolate chip cookies. Hiding them from me won’t do any good.” – Superduper Piggy. I’ve found my superhero soulmate. Rococo Nikka‘s one part disturbing to two parts adorable original ACEO’s come signed and dated by the artist and cost between €10-€20.

Twenty Six Creative

Cloudy sunset ACEO print etsy ideas Heart baloon ACEO print best of etsy Love birds ACEO print mini art ideas
Twenty Six’s Creative’s cheery ACEO prints come in under €5 too, with originals costing around €10. The peg and string display? Perfect.

Miss Piggy ACEO limited edition print mini art Going green limited edition ACEO mini print Beaker limited mini ACEO art muppets print
Wallet-sized Muppet art makes sense, nobody’s arguing with that, but miniature oil painting capturing the very essence of the Kermit & co is just too perfect, especially when Slugworks limited edition ACEOs cost less than €8. Who thinks I should get Beaker for my bedside table? Mee mee mee, that’s who.


Bloody girl original watercolour ACEO mini art portrait Heart original acrylic ACEO mini art  Abstract nude original ACEO mini art etsy
If your taste is more highbrow than Henson perhaps Deviltree have what you’re looking for. These original teeny artworks (real deal, not prints) are great examples of how affordable (€4.80 each) genuine samples of artists’ works can be.


Birds on a wire original watercolour ACEO etsy ideas mini artI’ve had my eye on Dabblelicious‘s Bird On A Wire series for a while now and their gorgeous original drawing ACEOs could be just the place to start. The above picture isn’t of ACEOs but of slightly larger watercolours (€45 for three) but there is a ACEO option (€15) and Dabblelicious offer any of their prints in any sizes.

Danita Art
Frida y su Claverita ACEO wood block mini art Humpty Dumpty ACEO wood block mini art A Great Catch ACEO wood block mini art wall ideas
Trying to find a frame for ACEOs can be a bit tricky but Danita Art‘s wood block mounted ACEO art prints come ready to hang. Costing €6.50 each and with over 100 to choose from, these could become dangerously addictive.

Aaron Butcher
Green monster original ACEO mini print  Orange monster original  ACEO stylish etsy  Yellow monster original ACEO stylish etsy
Aaron Butcher‘s quirky monster series are as lovable as they are creepy. The original drawing ACEOs (€4) would make perfect boy-presents.

Lanie Fine Art
Fine art nude original ACEO mini 2013 trends Landscape ACEO watercolour art mini 2013 trends Woman ACEO original art mini art home ideas 2013
Lanie Thompson‘s original watercolour and pen and ink drawings may not be the cheapest of the bunch (€20) but the detail in these tiny ACEOs is pretty impressive. How cool would the nude look in a gentleman’s wallet?

Rok’s Gallery
Embroidered watercolour ACEO mini art craftRok’s Gallery have but one ACEO (€8) but it’s pretty awesome. The embroidered watercolour mini masterpiece is signed and dated and this little buttercup has Mother’s Day written all over it.

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