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Subscription boxes always seem like such a good idea until you end up with six months of molding coffee/wine/mascara in the back of a cupboard. An art delivery service that rocks up once a month to prettify your walls, now that’s more like it. The fact that art isn’t a consumable isn’t the most common reason for it being bought, but then, art is more often not bought, so it’s valid.

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Art In A Box is a project (or perhaps “project”) from California-based The Compound Gallery that supports a number of young artists eager to get their works onto your walls. The service costs $60 for international delivery and you must subscribe for at least three months. You can choose your favourite media and describe your taste in three adjectives, but after that, what you’ll receive is in god’s hands.

art in a box subscription

The Bronze In A Box option is also quite promising, although you’re not guaranteed something this creepy.

art delivery subscription bronze sculpture

If you’d rather promise yourself to buy art and then inevitably let yourself down, head over to the regular store, or shoppe as they insist on calling it. Here you can browse a selection of pret-a-porter art and pretend like you’ll remember to check out on pay day.


As the poor, poor readers of this blog will attest, I spend a great deal of time salivating over art – usually with cursey words or pubes, but it’s still valid – and yet, walls remain suspiciously barren. The thing is, wall prints aren’t something that you suddenly need and tend to end up on the bottom of the shopping list. An art delivery subscription service at least makes me commit to acquiring new art. Sure, there’s a risk that some of the arty arrivals won’t be to me taste, but at least they won’t start to smell.

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