Bloody Brilliant Bonsai; It Fecking Floats!

floating air bonsai tree

Bonsai have never thrilled me. But then, a bonsai has never provoked me to stand up on my chair and scream “Witch!” while batting my computer screen with a fly-swatter. The designer’s behind the Air Bonsai claim that magnets allow it levitate like a damn banshee. Nice try, Japanese designers. Nice try.

floating bonsai tree kickstarter

Designed in Japan by creative collective Hoshinchu, these were like crack when they landed on Kickstarter. Already fully funded, you can still pre-order some variants for around $200 which includes the floatiness-creating base and requires you to use your own plants (it’s illegal to export bonsai from Japan, but it seems that shipping sorcery is barely even regulated). There are more options that include fancy bonsai that range in age and fanciness, but you’ll have to torture your own mini-tree if you live outside Nippon to get the same effect. Or just use your crappy supermarket-bought cactus or whatever.

floating magnet bonsai plant

To be honest, you could probably pop a tin of beans on this and still be wowed by the hovering effect. For more info (and pictures, which is what you really want) head over to the Kickstarter page. Just remember to bring a crucifix and garlic. And a fly-swatter. Just in case.


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