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In case of emergency, compliment.

Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints

There's little in the world as wonderful as a compliment. Empty, backhanded or even genuine, they all work for me. Which is why I've bookmarked Emergency Compliment, an ingenious website that spits out some good old fashioned ego-boosting flattery for those moments when everybody sucks. Better yet, you can even buy the one that works for you as an art print. If Google Glasses develop a function that allows me to scroll through compliments from people when I meet them, I'm in. But only then. In the meantime, check out Emergency Compliment's Society6 shop to get your oh-my-I'm-so-flattered on.

Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints Emergency compliment hair cool stylish funny wall art posters prints


Good Head; Stunning Skull Prints

Ali Gulec floral skull art trendy stylish wall prints

Istanbul based illustrator Ali Gulec creates all kinds of sinister loveliness with his reimagined skulls.  His prolific work in cranial art merges the grotesque with the pretty to create some pretty cool wall art. And, goddammit, he even illustrates the occasional llama. Though a firm favourite on Society 6 (search for skulls, which I all too often do, and you won't be long landing on Gulec) his website Ikiiki showcases his art in their rightful collections and is a way better place to view it. If Santa hasn't been watching too closely I might be in with a shot for one of these prints.

Ali Gulec skull art flower floral window illusion Ali Gulec skull art flower floral window illusion Ali Gulec skull art flower floral window illusion Ali Gulec skull art flower floral window illusion Ali Gulec skull art flower floral window illusion  
Looking Loving

Getting the Spinners; Oversized Pinwheel Wall Art

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun The Style It sabbatical has come to an end. Normal sporadic posting will I won't bore you with the details of my recent laziness but I will bore you with a little sentimentality; it's been a year since my sister and I started this motley blog and while Sarah has since left for greener pastures, her spirit is still here, (I can't get it out of the carpets.) So, it seems fitting to celebrate the anniversary with an update on Sarah and her new adventures with her shop Shady and the Lamp. The blogger becomes the blogee. Not content with designing and hand-making the lamp shades for uber-celebrity chef Marco Pierre White's new Dublin eaterie, winning all kinds of hardware and fist-bumps for her exhibition at the Ideal Home Show and generally nailing her first year in business like a goddam legend, now she's gone and designed some of the loveliest wall art I've ever had the pleasure to get a discount on (I'm getting a discount, right?). Three words: Oversized. Tweed. Pinwheels. I know. With the largest one (€57) clocking up 14" these are sizeable enough to make an impact on their own, although I'm getting at least three to line up and float along a bare wall (I am getting three, right?).  Check out Shady and the Lamp's Etsy store and the Facebook page for the (stunning) bricks and mortar store and tell her Niamh misses her, even though she's a butt-munch.

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun

P-p-pick Up A Penguin; Stylish Book Love Art Prints

penguin book lovers posters art prints

A little bit of book love feeds the soul and these clever art prints from Degree are inspired by our ravenous paperback consumption. "We wade through them on beaches, we devour them on picnics, we go forth with them on the road," or so the blurb goes. Using a vintage suitcase, beach towel and picnic blanket as the settings, these prints evoke classic paperbacks without infringing and that oh so litigious little penguin. The ingenious execution, bang-on tones and lack of text make these the perfect print for book lovers and dodgers alike. Is anyone else hungry? Available from Degree for €35.

penguin book poster bookworm presents penguin book poster bookworm presents penguin book poster bookworm presents Penguin book lovers posters art

Arts and Recreation; Ron Swanson-Worthy Prints.

If the words 'You had me at meat tornado' mean anything to then you are either living near a Big Head Joe's (luckyyyyy) or you're well versed in all things Ron Swanson. The clever Canadians at Paper Chat are certainly the latter if their rather beautiful Parks and Recreation typography prints are anything to go by. Paying stylish tribute to some of the most brilliant P&R quotes, Paper Chat are worthy of a Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt handshake. Take that Eagleton. Check out Paper Chat's store for more P&R, 30 Rock, The Office and Seinfeld inspired posters (€18.50). Now if you'll excuse me, there's a hot, spinning cone of meat in that Greek restaurant next door.

Parks and Recreation quote art funny Ron Swanson typography art quote Parks and rec quote art funny typography Parks and rec typography art funny stylish Parks and rec typography art prints funny
Looking Tasting

Tuesday Boozeday; Cocktails Of The Rich And The Famous

Ever have a cocktail-loving celeb call over only to discover that your drinks cabinet is about as well stocked as Lindsay Lohan's library? Me neither, but the clever Brooklynites at Pop Chart Labs have created an infographic-like poster that teams up famous people from film and literature with their favourite tipples. From The Dude's White Russian to Senior Szylak's Flaming Moe, via Sugar Kane's Manhattan (and other folks that smarter folk than I will recognise), the poster includes recipes for each one. Pop Chart Labs aren't just about the cocktails though. They've also created clever info-packed prints that focus on Martinis, alcohols and, eh, cheese. The perfect present for that special someone who's going to stab you if you give them another damn bottle opener.

cocktail-chart-of-film-and-literature funny witty culinary gifts Martini art print cocktail gifts witty Triple distilled alcohol poster cocktail gifts The charted cheese wheel poster art culinary witty gifts

Picto Perfect; Viktor Hertz’s Pictogram Posters Are (the) Boss

Test your Super Fan-iness (?!) and show off your geeky band love with Viktor Hertz's rock posters that feature oh-so-sneaky song lyrics in pictogram form. Hertz has a long history of making damn fine pictogram-based homages that ooze clever-dickery for both music and movies, but these are my favourite to date. Hours of good clean fun is to be had working out the easier ones, followed by hours of hurling abuse at guests who are completely bloody useless at figuring out the trickier ones. Good times. These, and more of Viktor Hertz's pictogram rock posters, €22.50, are available here.

Bruce Springsteen pictogram poster Victor Hertz lyric music modern art prints Bob Dylan Viktor Hertz lyric art David Bowie Viktor Hertz lyric art pictogram art Iggy Pop Viktor Hertz pictogram lyrics art prints
Living Looking

Strange Motivations; Cursey Inspirational Art Prints.

I suspect that the reason there are so many quotey inspirational posters these days is that they work way too well. Imagine working down a motivational print mine? You'd never go home. That is, unless that mine belonged to Cliché Zero. Merging cheery optimism with a healthy dose of sarcasm, Cliché Zero's typographic prints play up to the traditional self-lovery that most The Secret-inspired quotes extol, but deliver their message with a good sharp kick to the funny bone. Fill your boots people, this is some good advice. Available at Cliché Zero, €12 each. 

Choose not to be an asshole funny art poster officeGet your shit together funny poster quote artIt's okay shit's just fine art print funny typographyBe kind to animal print funny typography
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The Cycle Of Life; Bike Taxidermy To Immortalize Your Wheels

Bicycle Taxidermy bike gifts geeky

Firstly, don't ever type "taxidermy" into Google Images when there is thunder and lightening outside. Stuffed cats haunt dreams, as do four Bambis sewn together. But Bike Taxidermy; now here's a nifty idea that doesn't make me want to acid attack my own eyes. People become strangely attached to their bikes (I think it has something to do with the crotch-centric nature of the relationship) and Bicycle Taxidermy helps them immortalize their beloved handlebars in much the same way a hunter would an animal’s face. There are 3 different styles of plaques, two colour options and a little engravable plate for the epitaph, all for a pretty reasonable £50. You can also buy purpose made versions with groovy looking handlebars already attached; I guess that's for the cyclist whose old bike is wheeling around a farm too far away to visit. 

Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas Bicyle Taxidermy cyclist gifts ideas
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Il Ritorno Dello Jedi; Mighty Star Wars Movie Mashup Posters

Combining two of my greatest passions, Star Wars and shitty novels, artist Timothy Anderson has created these clever prints that imagine Leia and Han's love story as a work of pulp fiction. Twisting iconic quotes from the trilogy into the blurb, like The Princess and the Scoundrel's "She loved him and he knew it, but would that be enough?", there's more cleverness in one of these prints than there is in every piece of Jar Jar Binks dialogue combined (mesa thinks). Anderson has also turned his eye to space-cowboys with his spaghetti western inspired threesome of prints that are more Stellar Guerre than Star Wars. Visit Timothy Anderson's prints store to get yours. Timothy Anderson Star Wars prints funny witty Timothy Anderson star wars posters witty nerdy Timothy Anderson star wars art geeky funny Timothy Anderson Star Wars mashup art funny Timothy Anderson Star Wars mashup funny witty Timothy Anderson star wars mashup print western