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Bloody Brilliant Bonsai; It Fecking Floats!

floating air bonsai tree

Bonsai have never thrilled me. But then, a bonsai has never provoked me to stand up on my chair and scream “Witch!” while batting my computer screen with a fly-swatter. The designer’s behind the Air Bonsai claim that magnets allow it levitate like a damn banshee. Nice try, Japanese designers. Nice try.

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Sex Furniture is a thing now.

Sex furniture ideas

I’m not going to get into how I found this out, but Amazon sells sex furniture. Not mind, they’re a member of the Royal British Stereotype Preservation Society, but the American store. Of course, there’s no Irish Amazon so we can’t find out what they’d deem suitable for my compatriot consumers, but I suspect it would probably link to two single beds in a darkened room.

Anyway, the point here is sex furniture (or fornicature, to give it its correct name that I didn’t just make up) is a thing now. What do you think; modern romance at its best or an awkward situation when you have guests over just waiting to happen? 

P.S. Because all you dirtbirds love this post so much, I’ve updated it for 2016. 

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You Should Buy Art; The Answer To My Most Pretentious Questions?

When I stumbled across today, I thought it would make a nice post for this, my much-neglected blog. However, after four hours in a semi-conscious 20X-hole, I’m pretty sure I can get a lifetime out of posts out of this quasi-pretentious e-gallery. If this was a bricks and mortar store, it would definitely have a mustachioed salesman in flannel. The premise is pretty clever; different artists of varying fame and acclaim are invited to produce a series of prints, which are sold at different prices according to size and limited-editiony-ness. A 10″x8″, of which there are 200, sell for $24, a 40″x30″, of which there are 20, sells for $2,400. Cleverness.  There are varying sizes and prices in between, making them a great way to access to some art that could increase in value. But here’s the best bit, the disappointingly un-mustachioed but otherwise quite wonderful artist William Powhida has done the convincing for us with his You Should Buy Art prints. Man, blogging is crazy easy. I’ll be keeping a close eye on 20×200 for more delectables (I already have a greedy amount pinned in one of my shamefully disorganised but blessedly secret Pinterest boards). So, without further juju, here’s William Powhida on why we should and shouldn’t by art, and how we should, you know, live and curse and stuff. William Powhida Why you should buy art funny art print limited

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Beyond the Sill; Turn your Window into a Stylish Garden

Window pods indoor garden hack vertical garden ideas creative

Kickstarter, one of my favourite places to waste time these days, can throw up many a surprising, terrifying and face-slappingly worrying idea from would-be entrepreneurs. Often though, you’ll find a little invention that is close enough to what already exists to make you wonder if some mad scientist hasn’t already light-bulbed it and clever enough to be demand support and encouragement because it turns out, smarty pants, that it’s the first of its kind. Window Pods are one of those inventions. Interior designers are going nuts for all things indoor gardening of late but add some super-hip vertical gardening to the mix and you’ve got an Elle Decor wet-dream.
Window pods indoor garden hack vertical garden ideas creative
Create by California-based green finger Ben Shope, the Window Pods are a clever solution for those of you who don’t have the space or light for plant pots. Using a suction pad, the pods stick to the window (let there be light) without taking up any valuable real-estate on your window sill. Having already raised his financial goal, there’s still a month left to back Ben and get on his good side before he turns into the Bill Gates of shrubbery. So far, no word on shipping outside of the U.S. but with the pods coming in at $39 for three (including herbs seeds), you can probably offer some kind of bribe.Visit for more.

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Getting the Spinners; Oversized Pinwheel Wall Art

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun The Style It sabbatical has come to an end. Normal sporadic posting will commence….now. I won’t bore you with the details of my recent laziness but I will bore you with a little sentimentality; it’s been a year since my sister and I started this motley blog and while Sarah has since left for greener pastures, her spirit is still here, (I can’t get it out of the carpets.) So, it seems fitting to celebrate the anniversary with an update on Sarah and her new adventures with her shop Shady and the Lamp. The blogger becomes the blogee. Not content with designing and hand-making the lamp shades for uber-celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s new Dublin eaterie, winning all kinds of hardware and fist-bumps for her exhibition at the Ideal Home Show and generally nailing her first year in business like a goddam legend, now she’s gone and designed some of the loveliest wall art I’ve ever had the pleasure to get a discount on (I’m getting a discount, right?). Three words: Oversized. Tweed. Pinwheels. I know. With the largest one (€57) clocking up 14″ these are sizeable enough to make an impact on their own, although I’m getting at least three to line up and float along a bare wall (I am getting three, right?).  Check out Shady and the Lamp’s Etsy store and the Facebook page for the (stunning) bricks and mortar store and tell her Niamh misses her, even though she’s a butt-munch.

Tweed oversized pinwheels wall art witty whimisical fun

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Magnetic Display; Flexible Solution For Hanging Wall Art

OpenFrame frameless art display ideas

You’ve probably noticed that we like art prints here in the Style It cell. We like them a lot. But figuring out ways of hanging art can be a bitch. We’ve already discussed no-frame ways of hanging prints, but the clever folks at OpenFrame have come up with a semi-permanent solution for those willing to commit to a hole in the wall, but not to the actual poster.
OpenFrame is, in essence, a piece of wood that attaches to the wall and serves as a mount for posters that deserve to be displayed, but maybe not for too long. Super strong, teeny weeny magnets fix your print in place and make for a flexible display area. Available in 3 sizes from 10″ x 10″ to 24″ x 30″, and three finishes, the frames allow you to become your own awesomely indecisive curator and encourages the chopping and changing of your art, photos or memos. Better still, it helps to justify buying all those prints that you really, really want but don’t know where to put them. 

For more details visit OpenFrame’s Kickstarter page (already funded) or buy them from Ugmonk, where you can also pick up the prints displayed. Prices start at around €27 for a 10″ x 10″ and go to €115 for a 24″ x 30″.

openframe black stain frameless art display ideas
openframe black stain frameless art display ideas
openFrame natural birch

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Pins And Needles; Embroidery Hoops With T&A

Sally Hewett nude embroidery hoops Just when I was getting bored with embroidery hoops…UK based artist Sally Hewett‘s 3-D hoops have more ass ‘n titties than a Robin Thicke video and for that she deserves a pat on the, em, back. A little bit Butternik patterns, a little bit Hustler, the x-rated embroidery pieces are in part cute, gross and funny and leave me the overwhelming urge to reach out and hanka honka something. Visit her store here. Sally Hewett nude embroidery hoops art funny
Sally Hewett nude embroidery hoops art funny
Sally Hewett embroidery hoop humour art ass

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Feeling Chipper; Sharpen Up Your Salads With Karato’s Oversized Kitchen Parer

Fancying up carrots while making grown men gird their loins, the Karoto oversized parer is my kind of kitchen aid. Standing out as one of those why-didn’t-they-think-of-it-sooner gadgets, Israeli designer Avichai Tadmor‘s counter-top tool makes salad-worthy parings from carrots, cucumbers, courgettes and pretty much anything else you can fit into it. Whether or not you can use it when you lose your eyeliner sharpener remains to be seen, but anything that takes the soul-crushing tedium out of veg prep is good in my book. And by ‘veg prep’ I mean ‘cocktail garnishing’.
Get the Karoto Sharpener from Design Boom’s store, €12.

karoto-carrot-peeler-sharpener-avichai-tadmor- fun cool kitchen karoto-carrot-peeler-sharpener fun kitchen gadgets cool

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Wardrobe Cheat Sheet; 8 Ways To Wear Red and Pink

Real men and tough biatches wear pink. If, however, you find yourself twirling your hair and knocking your knees you might want to slap the fluff out of pink with a splash of red; the badassest colour combo of the season. Here’s how the street stylers are doing it. 

Wardrobe fashion cheat sheet red and pink street style 2013 trends colours