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Tuesday Boozeday; Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

I include ‘dipping strawberries into chocolate’ both as a hobby on my C.V. and a skill. It just sends the right message. Strawberries and chocolate go together like, well, lies and C.V.s and when you booze up proceedings with the strawberry vodka we’ve been brewing, your reward centre goes into overdrive. I quite like creamy cocktails, particularly when it’s warm out, but this Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cocktail is my new favourite. Virtuously fruity and with enough vodka to help you forget the cream, this is what the ice-cream trucks serve in heaven.

chocolate dipped strawberry vodka fresh icecream cocktail recipe ideas fun

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Stylish DIY Kits From Australia’s Craft Queen

When Tamara Maynes isn’t contributing to Inside Out Magazine and a making her own special designs she’s helping the less crafty among us get in on the home-made action. Her store, The Six Week Boutique, offers some of the best DIY kits that allow the even the most buttery fingered crafters create home-made homewares that will inspire squeals of I-made-it-myselfs every time someone calls. The Paradise Motel box light ($10) is case in point; once you have the materials, the easy to follow instructions will talk you through each step to help you make your very own light installation that, all going well, you can proudly hang on your walls.
Paradise Motel DIY Light box kit If the thought of having to use a drill is a crafty step too far, perhaps the DIY Quilt Light Kit ($20) would be a better option. Again, the instructions are downloadable and once you have the right paper and tape, you’re all set to start seriously impressing your mates. And probably making them think you’re a damn liar.
Quilt light DIY kit Should your friends start doubting your new-found skills, the best way to respond would be with a beautifully embroidered death threat, and Tamara has just the thing. These Ransom Note cross-stitch templates ($8 for the whole creepy alphabet) are just the thing for making the most passive aggressive embroidery hoops around. After all, “I Know Where You Live” is totes the new “Hope Sweet Home”.
Ransom Note cross stitch pattern diy funny Of course, if all else fails, cheat. The Six Week Boutique also offers some products that are already made, like these gorgeously oversized Macrame Wall Hangings ($495). Crafty enough to hint that you made it yourself but, you know, completed by another person for you in exchange for money (mere semantics), if I sew my finger to another embroidery hoop, this is the route I’m taking. Well, I did make the money myself, surely that’s a plausible form of DIY.
Macrame Wall Hanging oversized

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Free Lyric Art; Printable Eels Poster

Though generally not the happiest campers on the planet, Eels do know how to make a catchy tune that sounds quite breezily chipper on the surface (listen harder and you’ll probably end up sobbing into a bottle of bourbon, wondering where it all went wrong and how the hell you got a bottle of bourbon). I Need Some Sleep is one of my favourites so I decided to make a printable poster with the lyrics for your printing pleasure. Just click and print or email it to your local printers. And try not to get tears in your whiskey. 

Eels printable lyric art freebie best free downloadable art wall prints

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The Party Never Ends; Everlasting Ceramic Balloon

Much like scraps of tinsel tacked to the walls become a depressing symbol of the post-Christmas anti-climax, withering balloons never make the post-Birthday days any easier. Luckily, artist Sivan Sternbach has turned the humble balloon into permanent mini-celebration with her captivating ceramic versions.The Israeli artist, who has received the Saatchi seal of approval, has a background in pastry-making, meaning she is quite possibly the best person the invite to a party ever. And while her pastel balloons look almost good enough to eat, her earthy ceramic beauties are strangely haunting. Like the ghosts of birthdays past, minus the toilet-hugging hangover. 

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink
Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon pink

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon white permanent everlasting balloon

Sivan Sternbach ceramic balloon natural everlasting

Sivan Sternbach’s ceramic balloons, available from Saatchi Online, are €450. Prints start at €38.

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Old Tom Foolery; Greeting Cards For Modern Life

Finding cards fit for the 21st century can be a tricky task but Old Tom Foolery have got us covered. With messages of love and indifference for even the most obscure occasions, you’ll be sure to find that card for your lover with eye gunge, a sister having a craptastic time or that happily pregnant friend who’s bummed out that she can’t booze. I particularly love their headline cards which manage to be both charming and offensive, like all good things.

I love you funny romantic greetings card

Ecstatic birthday suck it funny birthday card humor

cheer up funny greetings card humour

funny new baby pregnant card humor

belated asshole funny birthday late card

funny gold fathers day card humor

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Good Fucking Design Advice; Cursey Inspirational Posters

DFDA Believe In Your Fucking Self poster The foul mouthed folks over at Good Fucking Design Advice have created some poster prints and homewares with a rather lovely message (laced with rather bold profanities). Serving as encouragement for late night creatives and frazzled designers, GFDA’s wall-worthy prints are the result of a collaboration between former classmates Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher. My favourite is the black on white print, above, but those with younglings about may be interested in this brilliantly censored version, below.
GFDA Censored poster print funny typography Or perhaps this to-the-point version is more up your street. Like the first, this is also available in rather sexy black on black print.
GFDA Show some fucking passion print And if you need a more portable method of remembering the message, perhaps a sweary mug will help. These not-suitable-for-work mugs are just the thing for getting your fucking dedication and inspiration across to the rest of the office.

Work Fucking Harder mugPosters start at €12 and the mugs are €12.50. Visit the Good Fucking Design Advice store for more.

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Raaaawwwrr; Finally, A Cushion With Origami T-Rex Instructions

T-rex origami cushion funny nerdy interiors giftCushions are good for two things; contorting our spines into the laptop position and protecting our knees from hot bowls of nachos. Amiright? No, turns out I’m very wrong. Chicagoan geniuses Finch & Cotter have made every crafter/child/stoner’s dream come true with these stylish cushion covers printed with instructions on how to fold origami T-Rexes, cats, foxes and various other adorable critters. This is the best thing to happen to cushions since the whoopee. 

fox origami cushion funny nerdy interiors gift
cat origami cushion funny nerdy interiors gift
Cushion covers are €21.80 each. Visit Finch & Cotter for more.

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Let There Be Light; ESW And Upcycling Illuminations

ESW is a Neo-Nostalgic boutique specializing in peculiar One-of-a-Kind home decor misfits & oddities.”

Who could resist such an introduction? And even though Ursula’s quirky projects vary from  Recycled animal & sea life remains to Air plant curiosities it’s her upcycled Illuminations that I’m particularly taken with. Using Pope Pipes, Multi-Coloured Cord and Vintage Gooseneck Lamps, (to name but a few ingredients) Ursula has created some serious eye candy that would bring light life to any corner. Practical, original and full of style, that’s my kinda lady!

ESW uses American fittings so don’t forget to request a UK adapter. Prices start from €65.00.

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F**k Yeah It’s Irish! Supercool Hand Covered Pencils By six0six

I love me a good pencil or 500 and sixOsix designer Vanessa Scott-Hayward may have some of the best. These Superhero pencils are hand covered with vintage comics and would make any scribe’s spidey senses tingle. Coming in at €15 for 5, these Irish-made beauties come in a superfly box that adds to school-yard one-upmanship appeal. I would have demanded so many fancy papers to even let you hold one had I owned these in school. 

Irish design superman comic pencils gifts

Check out sixOsix’s Etsy shop for more hand covered pencils, picture frames and greetings cards. 

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