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500 Colored Pencils; One Amazingly Beautiful Piece Of Art (That You Can Own!)

If the words “subscription” and “stationary” bring to mind those arts and crafts magazines with amazing projects you’d inevitably never complete, prepare to make your 12 year old very, very self proud. Combining the childhood excitement of starting a long-sighted project with the grown up practicality of all the work being done for you, Japanese company Felissimo offers a 20 month subscription to 500 Coloured Pencils. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. What would we accomplish with 500 pencils? This kind of loveliness, that’s what.

500 Colored Pencils wall art amazing ideas displayYup, obsessive compulsives don’t get it much better than this. The subscription service will send you 25 new colours every month for 20 months with the website describing the unbearable-wait factor as being an “unhurried creative process. As you build your collection, the pencils become your story and your experience.”  I really love this. Turning the pencils in fantasmic pieces of art is one thing, but the idea of interacting with the whole process, even if you just open the parcel and shove it into a cupboard, is really sweet. Memories have strange way of clinging to the most transient things – smell, sound, colours – and the idea of being able to identify the final display with a different moments in the past year or so is beautifully unique. This could be a lovely present for newly-weds or  new parents who, if they get the time to open post, will forever associate the many, many pencils with their first year of loved-uppery. 

500 Colored Pencils design

If nothing else, they’ve got a good shot of perking up 20 mornings, which is my go-to excuse when shopping online. Making the whole process less excruciating is the fact that even in small groups, the pencils look really adorable and artsy. I’d love to see these after being used a little. My watch-the-world-burn urges want to scribble and sharpen these so bad, but the idea of seeing these a little battered and chewed in groups of jars is really appealing. 

Every month you receive 20 new colours, each with quirky names like Miss Muffet, Rhett Butler and Tenderfoot, and choosing how to display them opens up a whole world of possibilities. The subscription costs around €18 a month including delivery, which is so very, very temptingly low. I….I want these. I want these bad. 

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Beth Hoeckel; Regretting The Laws Of Gravity

Beth Hoeckel’s work never fails to catch my eye and her latest series Point of View, filled with dreamy lunar imagery, is no exception. Creating cosmic laden pieces from her Baltimore apartment, Beth uses collage, India ink, photography and gouache (a type of paint) when building her scenes.

This is one imagination I’d happily float around in so please Miss Hoeckel, dream a little dream for me. 



 Prices from €33.00

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Why Do We Cry? The Boo-Hoos Artfully Explained By AsapSCIENCE

Ever wondered why leaky face syndrome only affects humans? Want an answer that won’t, ahahahem, bore you to tears? Blogging biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown explain brilliantly relatable matters of biology  – like orgasms, hangovers and getting high –  in their simple and beautifully illustrated videos. Check out this week’s offering, Why Do We Cry?, and follow their YouTube channel, AsapSCIENCE, for answers to more questions about your body that you never thought to ask. 

Via Design Taxi.

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Quote Unquote; Stylish Art Prints With Hunter S. Thompson’s Wisest Words

While they might not have much hang-in-there-kitty appeal, Hunter S. Thompson wrote enough wise words to inspire generations. You’ve read the books and watched the films, here’s how to hang the chaotically beautiful wisdom of Dr. Thompson on your walls. 

Take The Ride Hunter S Thompson art print fear loathingBuy the Ticket, Take The Ride print; €20, Earmark.

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” ~ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Weak for Wallpaper; Wall & Decó are Turning up The Heat

One of my besties, Tafty is also cut from the same silken cloth when it comes to our profession. Slaves to the world of interior decoration, our conversations can get a tad design-centric when we meet up. Throw in a bottle, or two, of white and it’s kinda mental impressive how long we can flog a subject like… Shelving or Abigail Ahern’s sitting room. 

Or, as was the case last week, Wallpaper. Meet Wall & decó, the super cool Italian Wallpaper Design Company that is burying the “neutral” trend 6 feet under while hastening the pulse rate of wall whisperers everywhere. Don’t you just love a bad boy. (Thanks for introducing us Tafty, fight you for him!) x





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Chouchou Couture; Giving Good Hood

Chouchou Hollyhood hair frizz waterproof fashion
Anyone who lives in a country where it rains and happens to have hair will be with me when I say the whole “let’s put the most moisture-reactive part of the body on the head” was a major screw up in Person Design. Luckily, there are people on the planet like designer Silvia Pellegrino to mop up God’s sloppy work (not sacrilegious because, you know, frizz). Under the label Chouchou, Italian born Pellegrino makes stylish hoods that give a firm two fingers to the dastardly, hair-hating rain while looking nothing like the ones granny used to wear on the day she got her hair set (okay, a lot of them do, but in a forgivable way). Studs, leather and tartan give the “Hollyhoods” a punky vibe and the fact that you fasten them around the neck to secure them is wonderfully, wonderfully nerdy. Starting at around €45, there’s plenty of these faith-restoring, scarecrow-hair-banishing beauties to choose from.

Chouchou Hollyhood hair frizz waterproof fashion
Denim stud Hollyhood; €55.
Chouchou Hollyhood hair frizz waterproof fashion
Faux leather panel Hollyhood; €62.
Chouchou Hollyhood hair frizz waterproof fashion
Tartan stud Hollyhood; €65.

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I’ll Have What She’s Having; Stylish Designer Sex Toys

Ronald Reagan’s daughter is writing porn (erotica, sorry, erotica) , vibrators are being handed out like hot dogs on the streets of New York and American troops are getting freebie dildos. Sex toys are officially mainstream and it’s not the fact that you own a vibrator that’s embarrassing any more, it’s that you own a crap looking one. Designers across the globe are creating high-design sex toys that will put those back-of-the-magazine, ahem, “personal massagers” to shame and put your Rampant Rabbit out to pasture. I’ve filthied up my internet history to find some of the chicest. Monkey’s beware, a very stylish spanking could be just around the corner.


Tenga sex toys stylish modern womenSteering clear of the plastic dolls and faux vaginas that have smutted up the industry for some time, Tenga have long been the leaders in innovative sex toys for men. The Japanese company has held fast to their ideals of stylish and high performance (the designer’s original career was tuning super cars) groin gadgets for over 20 years and with 12 million products sold. The female end of the company, Iroha, is newer and designed by women for women. Again, Iroha left the predictable oversized Johnsons to their competitors, offering up far less intimidating – adorable even, yes adorable – vibrators instead. In true Japanese style, the website lyrically explains the concept; “We believe the pleasure that our bodies seek is also something we should value this way. Iroha is a self-pleasure item to respond to those natural needs”. Huzzah!

Tenga sex toys stylish modern women




Jimmy Jane Ultimate Member vibrator limited edition design

There are three fail-safe ways to make something cool; sex, rockstars and Kate Moss. The fact that all three tend to hang out together is probably what inspired Jimmy Jane, the most painstakingly cool sex toy brand on the block. The above picture is of a set of vibrators designed in collaboration with Jamie Hewlett, the cartoonist behind The Gorrillaz. Below we have a black diamond studded vibe ($2,000) decorated with handwritten lyrics by none other than Dave Steward, the guitarist noted for being the least sexy man in The Eurythmics. But all those pseudo-rockstar credentials are overshadowed by the waifish fact that the Kate Moss – the poster-girl for banging musicians – is a fan of the brand. And, to paraphrase Anna Wintour, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss’s vagina, it’s good enough for ours.

Jimmy Jane Dave Stewart vibrator design


Lelo gold plated vibrator 24kt women gift sex toyThere’s loving gold and there’s loving gold. The folks at Lelo are focussed on the latter. A Johan van der Smut wet-dream turned reality, the Swedish company were the first to create a 24K plated vibrator, because, seriously, 18k? Are we peasants? Whether someone had to lose their genitals in an unfortunate schmelting accident to inspire such a feat is unclear, but the range has expanded to include the Inez (above) which they claim to be “the most exclusive vibrator ever created”, presumably because nobody can afford its €12,000 price tag, and the Earl (below), which is heralded on the site as “The most distinguished Gentleman’s plug in the world” (€1,990 but it comes with cufflinks that would finish ones masturbation tuxedo nicely). There are also sterling silver options of the vibes available which are probably just barely more exclusive and distinguished than rubbing against a turnip.

Lelo gold plated vibrator 24kt women gift sex toy


Smile makers sex toys fun stylish womenMeet the firman, the millionaire, the frenchman and the tennis coach – not just super-friendly, Crayola-esque vibrators, but real, fantastic men with great senses of humour and addictions to kitten live-streaming. Actually, they are just vibrators, but I bet I had you going. The idea behind Ramblin Brands’s Smile Maker sex toys (€39.95 each) is quite obviously to make sex toys that are as inoffensive and fun as possible. The results are these rather pretty if somewhat anthropomorphised vibrators that are based on fantasy men (tennis coach? Really?) and come complete with personalities and cartoon depictions. I feel like I want to group some and put them in a vase.

Smile makers sex toys packaging fun women stylish



Betony Vernon silver petting ring luxury sex toys Another fan of humping precious metals, Betony Vernon‘s Jewel Tools are sex toys that look like jewellery. Or maybe jewellery that look like sex toys. Above we have the beautifully named Petting Ring, a piece of jewellery one might give to a lady with…let’s say poor manual skills. A lady you really, really like mind, they cost $1,510 are sterling silver and hand-made in Italy. Below we have stunning pair of sterling silver Ben Wa balls ($840); forget vajazzling, these beauties are for the lady who knows 2013 is all about accessorising the cervix. If you don’t know what Ben Wa balls are, here’s the least appealing way of finding out. Needless to say, there are some Kardashians involved.

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Tuesday Boozeday; Summer-tastic Cucumber Bloody Mary

Another bloody rainy day calls for one thing; another Bloody Mary. But summerified. Last week’s cucumber vodka is just the thing for kicking a bit of sunshine into our Bloody Marys thanks to the fact that it’s practically a salad. Finally, I’m on top of my 5-a-day. Here’s how to get yours. 
cucumber bloody mary cocktail recipe


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Ooh La La; Minimaliste Homewares by Caroline Gomez

I can’t remember the last time I got this excited about a serving board. I wasn’t even particularly aware that I needed a serving board, until now. But I do… Badly. And I have French designer, Carolina Gomez and her beautifully minimalist homewares to thank. Once I delved a little deeper into her work, the drooling didn’t stop there (trés chic, I know).

 All her élégant creations are handmade in France, in limited series. And with desktop organisers inspired by puddles and wooden cutting boards shaped like clouds, very clean lines and super sleek though her work is. Boring, it ain’t.

La Planche De Service €46

La Baladeuse €210

Ligne €30

Tablette Pol €35

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Movie Muse; Margot Tenenbaum

Yesterday we discussed the Tenenbaum’s home style but I couldn’t let it rest until I had a look at Ms Tenenbaum’s fashion choices too. Margot’s gothy vintage vibe gives me a touch of a lady-boner every single time I see her walking off the bus to Richie in slo-mo. So here’s a quick breakdown of how to get her look. Now, how does one lose a surplus finger?
Margot Tenenbaum style inspiration fashion coat

Margot Tenenbaum: 1. Finger ring; €315, Opening Ceremony. 2. €323, Juicy Couture. 3. Tennis dress; €55, Sperry Top-side. 4. Nude slip; €119, Style Bop. 5. Brown leather bag; €63, Asos. 6. Eyeliner; €17.50, Asos. 7. Globe cigarette case; €8, Art Tasty.
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Coriumi Leather Bags; High Design Low Price.