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Christmas Countdown; Keep calm and clean the bathroom.

Well crack my nuts, it’s a month ’til Christmas. Should we be panicking yet? Maybe. But then, it is Sunday. The thing is, the panic will look for you, it will find you and it will kill you. Or at least make you slap a stranger. Maybe it’s time to start prepping…

Here are a few gentle suggestions for small things you could do today that will make festive-season a little less punchy-facey.

Go on a cleaning-bender in the bathroom. 

And I mean go mental on the place. Scrubbing the bejaysus out of the bathroom now will mean you’ll only need to give it a quick squirt, wipe and de-stink when someone decides to call in over the next few weeks with presents. Inconsiderate gits.

Start putting together a playlist.

Deal or No Deal is not the most ambient mood-setter and you are literally the only person in the world who wants to hear your entire crappy music collection on shuffle. Start tapping away at a decent playlist now because trying to put one together last minute is like trying to figure out how you have a Carrie Underwood album.

Sort out the lighting.

Clever (read; minimal) lighting is the best cleaner. There’s punches to be drank, cocktails to be sipped and champagne to be quaffed; who has time for hoovering? A few nightlights dropped into jam jars (start stocking up) dotted around the living room is a seriously easy way of swanking up the place while hiding the sweet-wrapper mountain under the couch. Make sure all your lamps have working bulbs too and maybe even check that your fairy lights are working…it shouldn’t look like a Santa seance.

Start testing cocktails.

Yes, testing. Now is the time to perfect your signature cocktail because going rogue on back-of-the-cupboard schnapps and Kia Ora while your thirsty visitors wait is just plain rude. So are the best cocktails.

Panic print from Visual Philosophy.

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