Clean Getaway; 5 Non-Liquid Cosmetics That Outsmart Airport Security

Non liquid cosmetics to outsmart airport security hacks travel

Sneaking away for a last minute break is one of the great joys of life. Realising that a 125ml bottle has won you a place a no fly list, however, isn’t. We all know that only shmucks check in baggage for weekend breaks but whittling down our arsenal of potions and lotions to 100ml bottles and litre bags is too much like that scene from Sophie’s Choice when Meryl Streep has to decide between her Kéraste Masquintense and her Fekkai Overnight Hair. There are some decisions that we should never have to make so to help lighten your carry-on liquid load (or eradicate it completely) we’ve compiled a checklist of beauty-saving security-dodgers. 

Solid cleanser body wash travel non liquid hack

I’ll admit the concept of soap isn’t an altogether new one, but most of us regard them as too utilitarian to really win a place in our daily facial regime. Call me shallow but shiz has gotta be prettier than a sorry ass soap to usurp my selection of bought-‘em-for-the-packaging cleansers. That said, I can (and did) handle a weekend away with Clinique’s Facial Soap and while I didn’t miss it when I got home, it did multi-task like a mo-fo while I was away. The trick is to chop it up into four pieces; one for the shower, one for the hands, one for face and a spare one for funsies. As a cleanser, it wasn’t nearly as drying as I had anticipated (it comes in three skin-typed formulas) and after a day of soaking up the city smog, it made my skin feel squeaky clean without much effort. It wasn’t too melty in the shower either and left my slightly sunburnt body feeling lightly moisturised. My hands liked it too, but they’d like anything considering the anti-bac abuse I hurl at them. Doing double duty as a gentle cleanser and shower gel, this moisturising facial soap is my new holiday hero, even if it still isn’t allowed into my home bathroom.
Clinique Facial Soap Bar, around €15. 

non liquid shampoo bar security travel hack The Marmite of the cosmetics industry, most people have a love it or hate it relationship with Lush. If you’re a hater, try to brave the radiating stank long enough to pick up one of these wunderbar shampoos. They have more than ten varieties so your hair type is covered and they take up precious little real-estate in your carry-on. If you’re a lover then you’re no doubt familiar with these bounce-making bars that get even the sandiest, saltiest, smoggiest hair squeaky clean. Chuck one of Lush’s shampoo bars in your bag and not only are you one bottle lighter (that’s right ladies; you can officially bring the Masquintense and Over Night Hair), but your smalls will smell delicious when you arrive. By the by, forgive me if I sound cheap but instead of buying one of the tins Lush sell for storing these, I cut mine into quarters so I’m not taking the whole bar into the shower. Yeah, I heard it. I’m pretty damn cheap.
Lush Shampoo Bars, around €6, Lush

perfumed powder no liquid travel hack tips Another one from Lush, again noteworthy for to its multi-tasking nature, and this one has actually passed through my hallowed bathroom door. Aside from being a replacement for perfume (normally I don’t like jasmine but oh, my!) this body powder is perfect for numerous getaway eventualities. Pre-holiday I use it a few hours after applying tanner before I go to be bed to stop staining the sheets. If you’re indulging in a dirty weekend, a dusting of Silky Underwear leaves your skin super soft and lightly scented and helps to absorb sweat (but none of the noise, you dirty dawg). If you’re on a sticky city break and you find your bits are being rubbed in a less enjoyable manner, a dusting on the thighs, under arms and boobs will help with any chaffing and sprinkling some on the sheets will make them feel cool. I like to rub a teeny amount into my shoes at the end of a day’s adventuring and into my hair to scent my swoosh.
Silky Underwear Body Powder, around €5, Lush

tan perfect scrubbing grains We all know that the perfect tan, faked or baked, needs a smooth base to look its best so holidays aren’t a great time to be without your scrub. These Adzuki Bean and Rice Washing Grains work best when mixed with water or cleanser and can be massaged on from head to toe; handy if you’re tight on time or a lazy git. One word of warning though; the heavy jar isn’t exactly carry-on friendly so decant some into an empty bottle or sandwich bag (or something less smuggle-y) before you leave. Also, much like the Gremlins, the jar turns nasty if it gets wet so make sure your mitts are dry before you dig in.
Adzuki Bean and Rice Washing Grains, around €10, The Body Shop.

Solid hair serum body lotion travel airport hacks Okay, I don’t want to land anyone in a backroom with a rubber-gloved guard so let me make a bit of a disclaimer; this pure shea butter is a solid when at room temperature so passing through security shouldn’t be an issue…but…you could come up against a real moody jobsworth who begs to disagree. In which case, just do as you’re told and slip the tiny 8ml tin into your plastic bag. L’Occitane boasts 50 different uses for the shea butter including as a hair serum, sun-soothing body moisturiser and dechappifying lip balm and this pocket-sized tin goes a surprisingly long way. Just don’t keep it in your pocket when passing through security, it will make it runny. And not runny ha-ha.
Pure Mini Shea Butter, around €9, L’occitane

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