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Clean Me Up; The Holodeck Shower Is Here

Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch OLED shower holodeck
Who hasn’t dreamed of their very own holodeck? While the reality is still a way off, designers Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch have dreamt up something pretty damn close with the OLED shower which features three walls of television screens that will show…well, anything you want. While only at concept stages now, the OLED screen (similiar to LEDs but with organic compounds lighting up instead of bulbs) is super light, flexible and thin and adds another element to the design; portability. So how about washing your stinky self anywhere in the house while watching a waterfall flow in the Amazon, the sun setting in Thailand or the Brad Pitt scenes in Thelma and Louise? Bring. It. On.
Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch shower holodeck

Source; Yanko.

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