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Cutting Edge; 3 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe With A Scissors.

Still patting yourself on the back for making that awesomo denim handbag out of jeans when you were 11? Well you should be, that bag was so damn rad, Donna Martin would probably have stocked it in Now Wear This and you knew it. Now that we’re all growed up, transforming your trousers’ crotches into a tote seems a little, well, actually it stills seems pretty fantastic but there are many other pieces of clothing waiting to be altered into amazingness. Here’s my pick of the best DIY fashion tutorials that require little more than a scissors, a needle and thread and maybe a bit of glue. Donna’s gonna go nuts.


It don’t get much easier than this. If you’re allowed/know how to use a scissors, skully, hearty shapes are just waiting to style up your tatty old tees.
Cut out skull tee DIY tutorial fashion Cut out skull tee tutorial; Desire and Inspire.
Heart cut out tee tutorial fashion diy   Crucifix cut out tee tutorial fashion diy
Heart cut out tee DIY; Made in Pretoria. Crucifix cut out tee tutorial; Boat People.


Cutting your trousers into a pair of shorts is such an important rite of passage for teenage girls that if never did it, you should probably check yourself for a penis. Take your cue from the righteous embellishment we added to our cut-offs in the nineties, but, you know, nice this time.
Aztec patched cut off shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013 Aztec patched cut offs DIY; Social Wardrobe.
Metallic embelished shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013   Lace trimmed jean shorts DIY FASHION TUTORIAL 2013
Metallic embellished shorts DIY; Refinery 29. Lace trimmed shorts tutorial; Swell Mayde.


Denim shirts have been getting the jeans treatment of late and by that I mean they’re being torn apart, cut out and patched up. Like this.
Cut out denim shirt DIY FASHION TUTORIAL Cut out denim shirt; A Pair and a Spare.
Cut out denim shirt tutorial fashion 2013   Patched denim shirt tutorial fashion 2013
Cut out denim shirt tutorial; Charlie’s Fashion Web. Patched denim shirt DIY; Free People.

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