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Daytime drinking; 5 Brunch Cocktails to cheer up your Sunday.

Invite friends over for a morning cocktail on a Monday and they’ll call it an intervention. Invite friends over for a morning cocktail on a Sunday and they’ll call it brunch. There’s no logic left in the world but a little daytime drinking should make it right again. Here are our top five excuses to get a bit tipsy today, without getting hit by judgey-faces.

1. St-Germain Blood Orange Cocktail. Sure beats a glass of reconstituted orange juice.

Get the recipe at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

2. The Christmas warm-up begins with a Colony Records Cranberry Cocktail.

Get the recipe at

3. The super easy Strawberry Beer Cooler.

Get the recipe at Fabulous Foods.

4.  It would be rude not to try The Best Ever Mimosa.

Get the recipe at Creative Culinary. 

5. Chocolate Martini…you know it makes sense.

Get the recipe at Beyond Wonderful.

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