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Tuesday Boozeday; Easy Hot Cider Punch.

I’m running a little late with our Tuesday Boozeday recipe today because, given the week that’s in it, I decided to make it myself…for photographic reasons, of course. Now isn’t the time to be faffing with orange-peel swirls and salted rims so this is a rustic hot punch recipe  you can make with ingredients you’ll find in any local shop. Just get it going on the hob while you’re ringing in cooking dinner. 

How to make Hot Cider punch. Hot cider punch recipes. homemade punch. Chritmas punch. Winter punch recipe. Hot winter cocktail.You’ll need;

A litre bottle of Bulmers (you can use any cider really but Bulmers has a sense of vomit-scented nostalgia I can’t resist), a bottle of Captain Morgan’s (again, any spiced rum will do but I love the vanilla flavour the Captain has), a litre of orange juice, a fresh orange, some cloves and cinnamon sticks.

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If you have time, stud the orange with cloves and roast it in the oven for around half an hour, it’s not crucial though. Add the cider, orange juice and cinnamon sticks, cloves and (sliced) orange to a saucepan. Simmer gently for at least half an hour then pour it into a punchbowl or jug. Add half a shot of Captain Morgan’s to the cup before spooning in the steaming punch.

And you’re done. Oh, and it’s a week to Christmas…just in case you were looking for an excuse.

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