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Fancy Cuppa; 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Tea

Don't think you can enjoy your hourly cuppa any more? Think again. The same old cha may be liquid comfort but there are many, many ways to skin a cat. And make tea. In fact, if your boring old tea gets utterly prettified by these little beauties, you might just leave the cat alone. 

LET'S START WITH THE TEABAGS It's not where a lady always starts but if you're going to fancy up your tea service, you're going to have to upgrade your teabags. You know what, snigger all you want, these are pretty amazing. Heart shaped teabag stylish serving teaHeart shaped teabag; €11, Absolute Mint. DIY ghost teabag stylish tea serving ideas Heart shaped sewn teabag beautiful teabags Mustache teabag serving inspiring tea ideas DIY Ghost teabag; Lady Monkey Bird. Heart teabags; €2.50, Tea Heritage. Moustache teabag; €4.80, Tea Heritage.

ADD SOME FLOWERS What else would follow a teabag but flowers? It's modern ettiquette. Oh...also, petals look all kinds of  pretty in your tea. Hey Ooh! Blooming strawberry tea amazing tea Blooming strawberry tea; Honeysuckle Life. Cherry blossom tea ideas Rose petal tea inspiring serving ideas Chamomile flowers tea how to serve tea Cherry blossom tea; The Well Seasoned Cook. Rose petal tea; Georgia Pellegrini. Chamomile flowers tea; Babble

SMARTEN UP YOUR STRAINER With sneaky robots, deep sea divers and Beatles' songs looking to infuse your tea leaves, mornings are about to get better.  Robot tea infuser funky tea ideasRobot tea infuser; €12, ModCloth Diver tea strainer cuter infuser Mr Tea infuser design  Yellow submarine tea infuser ideas Diver tea strainer; €13, Amazon. Mr Tea infuser; €7, Amazon. Yellow Submarine tea infuser; €10, Monkey Business.

FIND A TEAPOT THAT WILL SHOW IT OFF What's the point of splashing out on all those fancy tea-tastic accessories if you can't sit back and smugly take it all in. Glass teapots are making a comeback, that's our excuse anyway. Sorapot teapot unusual tea ideasSorapot glass teapot; €180, Joey Roth. Clear glass teapot stylish tea serving Clear glass teapot for flowering tea ideas Clear glass herbal teapot ideas Clear glass teapot; €23, Teavivre. Teapot for flowering tea; €25, Teavivre. Clear glass herbal teapot; €28, Ali.

AND SWEETEN UP YOUR SUGAR Think outside the sugar cube with these delightful nuggets of diabetes. Well played, cup of tea.  Sugar cube men amazing tea ideasSugar cube men tutorial; LRF. Green heart sugar cubes tea ideas Rose flavoured sugar cubes tea Skull sugar cube tea serving ideas Green  heart; €11, Dell Cove Spices. Rose flavoured sugar lumps; Always Order Dessert. Skull; €13, Dem Bones.

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