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Free Kisses; Pout Perfecting DIY Lip Treats

As the genteel wordsmith Tommy Lee once said; “Just because we wear lipstick doesn’t mean we can’t kick your ass”. After months of indoor heating, blistering winds and general pout-negligence, my lips are far from kick-ass though and nothing shows this up like a lashing of lippie. Forking out on perfect puckers is for suckers when DIY lipcare is so damn easy to make. Here’s my pick of the best lipcare tutorials for the great unkissed. Mwah.

Lips Scrubs
Giving my lips a quick rub with your toothbrush after you’ve brushed your teeth is my favourite trick for exfoliating but sugar scrubs are way more fun/delicious. Check out these tutorials for proof.
Sugar and coconut lip scrub DIY lip care tutorial Sugar and coconut lip scrub tutorial; Quirks and Twists.
Sugar and honey lip scrub tutorial DIY lip care tutorial  Huckleberry Honey lip scrub tutorial DIY lip care tutorial
Sugar and honey lip scrub DIY; ModCloth. Huckleberry honey lip scrub; Kleinworth & Co.

Lip Balms
How many lip balms do you have in your handbag? Way too many? Now imagine if you had a lip balm factory in your kitchen making balms just for you. Yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger bag.

Peppermint and vanilla lip balm tutorialPeppermint and vanilla lip balm tutorial; Jenny Highsmith.
Essential oil lip balm tutorial lip care DIYs   Glitter lip balm tutorial lip care recipes
Essential oil home made lip balm; Martha Stewart. Glitter lip balm; Just

Lip Gloss
Again, it’s not that I don’t have enough lip glosses, it’s that I can never have enough. Make them myself? Yes please.
DIY lip gloss tutorial lip care natural ideasDIY Lip gloss; Innocent Wild.
Mint choc lip gloss tutorial lip care ideas  Lip gloss tutorial from lipstick recipes
Mint choc lip gloss tutorial; Food Plus Words. old lipstick lip gloss tutorial; Greenopolis.

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