Free Printable Art; The Fashion Alphabet

Don’t know your Alexander from your Zac? For shame. Being able to spot a designer look from a 50 paces is going to get a whole load easier thanks to the fashion alphabet art prints I’ve designed for your printing pleasure. Featuring each designer’s signature print, start learning your ABC’s now and you’ll be a devil in Primark in no time. Admittedly I’ve only got to C but E, F and G are coming soon so stay tuned. I’m anticipating some head-scratchers to come but really I’m quite confident with my alphabet skills. Up until elemenopee anyway, I always start singing Twinkle, Twinkle from there.  To print, simply click on the image below and right-click to save to your desktop. Your local printers should bang them out for you for mere quids.

FASHION ALPHABET a is for alexander printable free art
Fashion alphabet b is for burbs free printable art
CisforChanel Fashion Alphabet

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