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Fun Facts About Earth

Fun Facts About Earth

Fun Facts About Earth. In german it is ‘erde’. #6 earth is not entirely round in shape most people think earth is round in shape.

Just another day Fun facts about earth, Science quotes
Just another day Fun facts about earth, Science quotes from

Its name comes from the the old english and germanic. Earth is the fifth largest planet in our solar system. It would take a snail nearly 4,575 years to circle earth.

Earth Has A Lead Foot The Earth Moves Around The Sun At 67,000 Miles Per Hour.

Planet earth has an estimated age of 4.5 billion years, jeremiah p. The earth was once believed to be the centre of the universe. The length of earth's day is increasing.

The Earth Is The Only Place In Our Solar System Where A Solar Eclipse Can Happen.

10 interesting things about earth earth is not flat, but it's not perfectly round either. The first photo of earth from space (october 24, 1946). Light from our solar system’s sun takes only eight minutes to reach earth.

If We Consider That The Milky Way Makes One Rotation Approximately Every 250 Million Years Or So, It Makes Our Home Nothing Other Than A Fickle Teenager.

Every person on earth is living in the past. 10 interesting things about earth earth isn’t perfectly round. #7 earth has a greater number of viruses than stars yes, you heard right there are approximately ten nonillion viruses on the earth.

Try Clocking That On A Police Radar Gun!

Thousands more species are on the verge of extinction. Earth is the only planet not named after a god. 1) earth is the third planet from the sun in our solar system.

Earth Is Not Flat, But It's Not Perfectly Round Either.

20% of the earth’s oxygen is produced by the amazon rainforest. The farthest spacecraft from earth, voyager 1, took a photo of planet earth in 1990, from a record distance of about. The radius of the planet earth is 3,959 miles.