Growing Furniture; An Unreal Take On Wood.

furniture grown from the ground chairs trees

There’s a man in England successfully planting and growing furniture. Really. It might seem like a plot from a Roald Dahl book, but it’s actually the result of 20 years work, a lot of pruning, and a Dahlian imagination.

chair growing furniture from trees

Gavin Munro plants little saplings and trains them around a frame as they slowly grow. The mini trees are then grafted together to grow into one solid tree, a process he likens to 3d printing. But, you know, with trees and soil and sun and stuff. Chlorophyl, maybe?

chair growing furniture from trees

Once it’s grown into its shape, the tree is allowed to grow some more, so it’s able to take our girthy arses. The trees are then slain, planed, and shipped to their new owners. Munro, who says his many childhood surgeries to correct his spine taught him a lot about patience, is part artist, part horticulturist.

chair growing furniture from trees

He creates chairs, lampshades, tables, and mirrors but, as is the way with growing your stuff, sometimes you have to wait before you can harvest. The current editions will spend the summer curing and the lamps and mirrors will be harvested after the last leaves have fallen. I think I want to be this guy.

lampshade growing furniture from trees

Check out Gavin Munro’s incredible work, and preorder your own grown furniture here.


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