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Alcopops; How To Make Grown Up Lollipops.

How to make flower Daisy Lollipops Easy way to make lollipops from Jolly RanchersWant your lollipops with a bit more giddy-up? Make them yourself. Home-made lollipops open up a whole new world of pretty, tasty and boozy treats and are starting to make the idea of another customised cupcake seem pretty stale. To the left is a link to the easiest DIY lollipop tutorial we found; the peeps at Modern Mom simply melt Jolly Ranchers in an oven for a few minutes and drop in a stick once their goo-ified. This is one of the few tutorials that doesn’t use a candy thermometer, something I’m definitely going to have to pick up if my dreams of vodka-spiked lollipops (for cocktails – who’s with me?) are to be realised.  

How to make lollipops without molds tutorial

To the right is a link to a Video Jug how-to that explains how to make lollipops from scratch (this is where you can start adding your own colours and flavours) without needing a lollipop mould. Spoiler alert: The basics ingredients are sugar, water and cream of tartar or corn syrup. Below is a veritable candy shop of tutorials from modern day Willy Wonkas who are turning lollipops into edible art for grown-ups. Taking candy from babies has never been so much fun.                                                          


Pretty little petals, get in my belly. Fresh flowers brighten up the humble lolly no end. Mother’s Day pressie perhaps?
Flower petal flavoured lollipops bellini tutorial

Flower petal bellini lollipop; Etsy Blog.
fresh flower daisy lollipop recipesFresh pansy lollipop recipe ideas
Fresh daisy lollipop tutorial; FunkyTime. Fresh pansy lollipop how-to; Sprinkle Bakes.


Drunk lollies are the future and the future is good. Most of these lolly-liquor recipes can be used interchangeably with different spirits so a Manhattan straight-up with the Vermouth kicked to the side by a pair of steel-toed cap boots could be just a lick away. Not a moment too soon. 

Tequila and rum lollipops recipeTequila and rum lollipop recipe; Leite’s Culinaria.
Vodka lollipop lips fun recipesRed wine lollipop recipe

Vodka lollipop lips tutorial; CBC. Red wine lollipop recipe; Feed Floyd


Get your Heston on and turn lollipops on their heads with these wonderfully weird flavours.

Lemon and lime zest lollipops unusual recipesLemon & lime zest lollipops recipe; Martha Stewart.
Amazing pumpkin lollipops recipesHot sauce lollipops spicy
Pumpkin flavoured lollipops recipe; Cupcake Project. Hot sauce lollipops; Sprinkle Bakes.


Too much effort? How about splashing the cash on these tasty little suckers?

Watermelon and pink peppercorn lollipops ideasPink peppercorn and watermelon lollipop; 6 for €8, Mihow.
Mojito alcoholic hard candy lollipop Sushi lollipop unusual lollipop flavours
Mojito lollipop; 6 for €7, Sweet Nik. Sushi lollipop; 6 for €7, Bambi.
10 weirdly delicious popcorn recipes. popcorn cake


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