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How to throw a kickass Women’s Little Christmas Party

Women's Little Christmas Party. Girls only party. Irish funny traditions party.Image via Christian Montone.

Women’s Little Christmas, one of the most awesome traditions Ireland celebrates, is just one more sleep away. Who cares? I do, that’s who. Getting the girls around to party on January 6th is a dying trend and one that we at Style It are hoping to resurrect with the help of some well-made cocktails and boy-dodging. The rules, according to Wiki, are pretty simple; the men-folk put down their briefcases and cultivating ploughs for the day and take on all the woman-chores going; the gentle women-folk get drunk in the kitchen with their hos. What’s not to love? Here’s how to do it in style.

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The first rule of Women’s Little Christmas is no boys allowed. The second rule of Women’s Little Christmas is… I said get out of the bloody kitchen! Invite the girls around today (call me old fashioned but a creatively emoticon-laced text message is far nicer to receive than a generic Facebook invite) and assign each one of them a bottle of booze for the cocktails. Throw in a few curve balls when you’re deciding who to invite. Your regular posse of gal-pals (imagine we called each other gal-pals!) will be there whether you invite them or not but this is a great way of bonding with some aunties, cousins, colleague and random acquaintances (the ones you’ve met a few times and thought you saw a tequila-soaked twinkle party-hardiness behind their polite chit-chat) too.

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Make all the puns you want, cocktails are the only thing to serve a gaggle of gyno-goers. The best parties always end up in the kitchen anyway, so centre things there by setting up a cocktail bar for your lovely ladies to lash into. Pull the fairy lights off the tree and pretty the place up with them and by asking everyone to bring a bottle of spirits each, you’ll only have to get the mixers and trimmings. Fill two bowls with ice, crushed and cubes, and put them on a cleared counter-top with all your glasses (yes all, in fact, borrow some too), mixers and spirits. A pack of frozen berries, glacé cherries, olives and cocktail sticks will make everyone feel like they’re making works of art. To really ramp things up, print off some of our Tuesday Boozeday cocktail recipes for people to cog off or bring them a step closer to diabetes with our Candy Floss Champagne with Popping Candy Rim recipe.

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Turn this into a dinner party and you’ll have guilt ridden dieters heading home early to cry into their detox plans and lethargic 9-to-5-ers calling it a night right after dessert so they can have their food-coma at home. Finger food is the way to go here; crostinis, chips and dips and food on sticks will keep everyone happy and are pretty much stress-free to make.

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Annoying musos who incessantly complain about the choooons tend to come with scrotums so you’ve probably got a pretty easy to satisfy audience here. Make a playlist from your own collection featuring only songs that you can sing to, dance to or air-guitar to. Don’t try to be cool, Britney is just as crowd-pleasing as The Black Keys. If you download one album though, make it The Baseballs’ cover-fest The Baseballs Strike Back which includes the only rendition of Katy Perry’s Hot’n Cold we should ever have to hear.

Women's Little Christmas Entertainment. How to throw a womens little christmas party. irish traditions funny religious party.Image via Christian Montone.

Perhaps the oldest Little Women’s Christmas tradition is to head down to the local dancehall to throw your knickers at the male-strippers. There are worse things in life than watching some moderately toned Magic Mick being greased up by grannies, but not many. Instead, ask everyone to dress up all fancy like to put them in the mood for shenanigans and ask someone to bring a karaoke machine or borrow your sister’s Sing Star; a sequinned woman with a microphone in her hand is a happy woman. And relax; the hostess with the mostest is never the missy having a hissy. Happy Women’s Little Christmas baby!

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