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How To Wash Your Make-Up Brushes

Images; Love Lanner.
Love Lanner makeup brush how to wash

Washing your makeup brushes is never fun but it can be easy. The benefits of de-gunking your brushes are pretty obvious; cleansing and toning your skin only to rub in yesterday’s skin cells, germs and general skankiness is probably not a great idea. But cleaning your brushes every time you use them…ain’t nobody got time for that. Or so I used to think. One of the many things I’ve learnt from the lovely makeup artists I’ve worked with on shoots is that, provided you give your brushes a “deep” clean reasonably regularly (once or twice a month), you can get away with a quick “spray and wipe” clean daily. Trust me, once you have what you need this is seriously manageable.

The quick “spray and wipe” clean.Love Lanner makeup brush wash
What you’ll need: Rubbing alcohol (super cheap from the chemist/drugstore), a packet of makeup wipes (or baby wipes), a spray bottle.

How to do it: Get in the habit of doing this one daily. Before you chuck your brushes back into their case give them a light spray with the alcohol (aim for slightly damp rather than soaked) and wipe them across a makeup cleansing wipe. Don’t forget the handles, the boozy treat disinfects nicely. 

The twice-monthly “deep” clean.How to wash makeup brushes
What you’ll need: Olive oil, bar of unscented soap (as natural as possible).

How to do it: The olive oil works by loosening dirt and conditioning the bristles. Start by dipping the bristles into the a small bowl of olive oil and swirling it around – the dirt will just float off (repeat in a fresh bowl of oil if necessary). Rinse the brushes and lather it into the bar of soap, rub the suds into the bristles and rinse again. Spray gently with the alcohol (remember then handle, goddammit) and lay flat to dry. Viola.

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