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Oh, the shame! What to do with leftover champagne.

Leftover champagne? Chug it. Okay, the end of the night is a little hazy and how it came to be that you awoke to find undrunk champagne will forever remain a mystery. What to do with the rarely forgotten fizz however, is not. Here are our 10 champagne revivers…and don’t worry, the second one is chug it.

Champagne ice cubes.Leftover champagne. Stale champagne. Revive champagne. Add fizz to champagne.

1. Make champagne ice cubes.

We actually did this one ourselves (photographic evidence above) which means we can confidently say it’s foolproof. Freeze the champagne in ice cube trays and use them to make tonight’s glass extra cold or drop some into orange juice to make a super refreshing bucks fizz. Add grenadine and you’ve got yourself a chilled mimosa baby. We fancied ours up with a drop of red food colouring because that’s how we roll.

2. Drop a raison into the bottle to make it fizz again.

Finally a reason for the existence of raisons. Pop one down the neck of the champers and pour yourself newly sparkling glass. The science is pretty solid; the kisses of bubble pixies and raison imps create little love bubbles. It’s quantum fizzics man

3. Make champagne vinegar.

Here’s one from Martha Stewart no less; pour the champers into wide-mouthed jars and leave them uncovered and in a few weeks you’ll have champagne vinegar. A few reports online suggest covering the jars with some cheesecloth or light fabrics to avoid spider-and-fly-spiced-champagne vinegar….which actually sounds good, because it has champagne in it.

4. Jelly shots! Jelly shots! Jelly shots!

This one’s ridiculously easy and will win you serious brownie points with the girlies. Mix some instant jelly (raspberry or strawberry maybe?) with hot water as per the pack’s instructions, allow it to cool and slowly mix in the champagne. Pour it all into a bowl and patiently watch it set in the fridge for about four hours. Scratch it all up with a fork and spoon into shot glasses…stand back and bask in the glow of your triumph.

5. Champagne risotto. Cause you’re Gordon Fecking Ramsay when you’re hungover.

Okay, the last one’s allowed to be a bit of a stretch. If by some miracle you feel like cooking, this comforting savoury risotto could well be a cure. Make up risotto as normal substituting half the broth with champers. Add parmesan and top with a pouched egg. And you, my friend, are a champagne champion.

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