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Living Like A Royal; I Always Wanted To Be A Tenenbaum

If quasi-incestual rom-coms about dysfunctional fathers using faux cancer as a means to win their bi-polar families’ affections back is your thing, then you’re probably familiar with The Royal Tenenbaums. Like many of Wes Anderson’s films, the unchewed sets – all sepia tinged and the right kind of shabby chic – leave us with that oh-my-god-I-need-to-repaint-every-room-in-my-house-mustard feeling. Before we make any hasty decisions about condiment-coloured walls, let’s break down the Tenenbaum mystique member by member and absorb some of their cool. Or, you know, get a similar cushion to their’s. 

Margot Tenenbaum

Margot Tenenbaum home style interiors collage

Richie Tenenbaum

Richie Tenenbaum home inspiration house interiors

Chas Tenenbaum

Chas Tenenbaum home style inspiration

Royal Tenenbaum

Royal Tenebaum style inspiration collage

Etheline Tenenbaum

Margot: 1.Shower curtain; €32, JC Penney. 2.Phone; €70, Ether2U2. 3.Books; €28, Vintage Scholar. 4. Richie print; €25, Mission Anderson. 5. Typewriter; €300, Antikey Chop.

Richie: 1. Globe cushion; €90, Salt Labs. 2. Rocket light; €55, Firefly. 3. Rackets; €23, Vintage Avacado. 4. Margot Plays; Pop Pow Wow. 5. Camera; €39, Puk Puk.

Chas: 1. Sharpener; €16, NeatoVintage. 2. Cushion; €40, Starfish Bay. 3. Desk light; €32, I Live Vintage. 4. Phone cover; €31, Zazzle. 5. Medicine tin; €70, Best Made.

Royal: 1. Martini kit; €90, Amazon. 2. Fly ashtray; €25, DaphniSnerii. 3. Target print; €26, Fowler Creative Arts. 4. Stage head; €80, Hidden Seek. 5. Tenenbaum print; €16, Zazzle.

Ethel: 1. Etheline book via Madame Lamb. 2. JuJu hat; Dutch by Design. 3. Archaeology cushion; €40, Myrte Musee. 4. Skeleton model; €280, Madison Art Shop. 5. Margot print; €15 A Cagey Bee.

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