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Monday funday; 5 things to dip into chocolate today.

It’s Monday; time to dip stuff in chocolate. The world could soon be coming to an end so don’t let your life pitter out with strawberries and fingers being the only things you’ve ever coated in chocolate. There’s no room in heaven for people like you. Here are five things you can brag about to God.

1. Orange segments. 

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are way too hard to open anyway.

Get the (hilariously Google-translated) recipe at Lehuo Taobao.

2. Frozen Bananas.

Ever wondered why there’s always money in the banana stand? Because chocolate-dipped bananas are amazing. That’s why.

Get the recipe at Baked Bree.

 3. Mint leaves.

So obvious. So elegant. Sooo doing it tonight.

Get the recipe at Lentil Breakdown.

4. Pretzels 

Ten times better than the shop-bought varieties. Because you can lick the spoon.

Get the recipe at Make and Takes. 

5. Marshmallows.

An oldie but a bloody goodie.

Get the recipe at Real Simple.

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