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Movie Muse; Margot Tenenbaum

Yesterday we discussed the Tenenbaum’s home style but I couldn’t let it rest until I had a look at Ms Tenenbaum’s fashion choices too. Margot’s gothy vintage vibe gives me a touch of a lady-boner every single time I see her walking off the bus to Richie in slo-mo. So here’s a quick breakdown of how to get her look. Now, how does one lose a surplus finger?
Margot Tenenbaum style inspiration fashion coat

Margot Tenenbaum: 1. Finger ring; €315, Opening Ceremony. 2. €323, Juicy Couture. 3. Tennis dress; €55, Sperry Top-side. 4. Nude slip; €119, Style Bop. 5. Brown leather bag; €63, Asos. 6. Eyeliner; €17.50, Asos. 7. Globe cigarette case; €8, Art Tasty.
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Geometric printer leather clutch
Coriumi Leather Bags; High Design Low Price.


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