Picto Perfect; Viktor Hertz’s Pictogram Posters Are (the) Boss

Test your Super Fan-iness (?!) and show off your geeky band love with Viktor Hertz‘s rock posters that feature oh-so-sneaky song lyrics in pictogram form. Hertz has a long history of making damn fine pictogram-based homages that ooze clever-dickery for both music and movies, but these are my favourite to date. Hours of good clean fun is to be had working out the easier ones, followed by hours of hurling abuse at guests who are completely bloody useless at figuring out the trickier ones. Good times.
These, and more of Viktor Hertz’s pictogram rock posters, €22.50, are available here.

Bruce Springsteen pictogram poster Victor Hertz lyric music modern art prints
Bob Dylan Viktor Hertz lyric art
David Bowie Viktor Hertz lyric art pictogram art
Iggy Pop Viktor Hertz pictogram lyrics art prints

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