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Printerest; Therese Sennerholt Typography Art Is Blowing My Mind

Therese Sennerholt typography print black and white room wall In my opinion the internet has done 3 things; increased the chances of accidentally catching a co-worker fiddling with him/herself, proved that seeing a dress at 360 degrees doesn’t make it any more likely to fit when it arrives and made art more affordable. But even though we’re all ill-dressed, self-pleasuring mass-curators now that doesn’t mean we actually know how to show off our art. Therese Sennerholt is on it. By day the Swedish artist works in advertising, by night she creates some seriously fine typography prints (around €100). Better still she shows us how to display them. Alongside each of her prints in her store is a beautiful photograph of them in situ. Girl knows how to hurt my credit card. Therese Sennerholt Horny print black and white room wall Fall madly in bed Therese Sennerholt print black and white room wall Deep kisses Therese Sennerholt print art print black and white room wall

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