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Procrastination station; distracting desk accessories

Ever since I started working from home I’ve been planning my wonder-desk; a work desk that will make me less of a procrastinator and more productive, punctual, harder, better, faster, stronger. I’ve been working from home for two years now and I still haven’t got round to it. The couch is permanently scarred from my ass-print and I’ve the posture of a 90 year old miner. Unless my couch/spine start miraculously healing themselves, something has to change. The first step, of course, is to spend hours on the internet searching for suitably inspiring desk toys.

Zen garden desk organizer; €121 (plus €10 p&p to Europe), Karolin Felix Dream.

I like this desk organizer not only because it is roomy enough to accommodate the many different types of paper clip I’ll have to tirelessly source, but it’s basically a set of building blocks so I can spend hours putting it together just so. Every day. It also has room for plants. Which got me thinking…

Haute culture mini garden; $36 (plus p&P), A + R Store.

…sometimes I’d rather watch grass grow than accomplish anything remotely constructive. Now I can. Living walls are the way forward for houseplants; they raise the plants off prime floor and surface space and look super cool. This grass cube is just begging to be stuck to a wall vertically, right in my eye-line.

Block notes; £7.50 (plus p&p), Amazon.

Sticky notes get jobs done. And yes, sometimes playing an impromptu game game of paper-Tetris is a job that needs doing.

Dine Ink utensil set; €18 (plus p&P), Fred Flare.

I thought working for home was going to be all Carrie Bradshaw lipbalm-dabbing and window gazing, but most of the time I’m staring into the fridge eating coleslaw with my hands. These ridonculously clever pen toppers will make a lady of me. A lady I tells ya.

 Now, I better get back to the fridge work.

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