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Put Your Dresser In It’s Place; D.I.Y Your Drawers

Sick of that ugly dresser taunting you from the corner of the room? Are you tired of those sad drawers embarrassing you in front of your booty calls guests? Does stained, chipped paint haunt your dreams? Or do you simply wish you had the money to buy some new sh*t…? We can help. You don’t have to live like this any more. There is a way out.

 Follow this guide to chest-of-drawers salvation and peace can be yours. All yours! And take it from a girl who recently super-glued her lip to her gum, all these projects are achievable. 

Paint Spattered Cabinet

 Channel you inner Pollock and get splattering. Or if you prefer a more practical approach, then this is the perfect opportunity to use up any old paint you have knocking about. If you had a deprived childhood and have no clue how to splatter paint, then the lads over at homeguides have a detailed tutorial.

Pantone Emerald Green

The colour of 2013., for anyone that wants to be Lady Trendy-Pants of Hipsterville. But who can blame them? This is one awesome colour that should be used more often around our abode’s. Be bold, be brave, be green! Dulux is great for bright pigments and Farrow & Ball for longevity.

Glossed Over

 Rockin, party, cool! This project requires a bit of elbow grease but with an end result like this… who cares? Track down a piece of furniture you like but make sure it has some sort of character, this is about making a high-shine statement. For maximum effect spray on a couple of coats of varnish; it will be worth the effort. Plus, you’ll have really toned elbows. For a helpful link follow How to paint and varnish wood.

Mish Mash of Drawers

Call yourself what you will… artist… salvager… dumpster diver… thief… Whatever gets the job done and this one’s a dirty girl. Don your upcycling cap and create a monster masterpiece that you can call your own. The best places to search for drawers are in skips, granny’s houses and, you know, shops. Head over to Building Multi-Drawer Console for the details on how to bring them all together with style. * Extra willpower required.

Graffiti Dresser

I really only have one piece of advice. Go apeshit!

The Wallpaper Effect

 The great thing about wallpapering a well knackered piece of furniture is that it can cover a multitude of horrors. And if you’re a bit commitment-phobic, you have the option of changing it as often as you like. Choose the paper wisely, if your Auntie likes it, don’t buy it. Get the know-how at home-dzine.

Chalk it Down

One of the more successful ways to use blackboard paint in the home (check out the link below). You can get chalkboard paint in an impressive array of colours so you’re not limited to black. This is a fun project no matter what you’re painting.

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